Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chickasaw County, Mississippi, Tax Forfeited Land, List Was Crawled October 21, 2015

ParcelNo LegalDescription Address County STR AssessedOwner MarketValue
     0-063-06-002.00 1.0 AC PT SE1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 HOUSTON RECORDS<02/20/1998 DB704/677 <11/16/1999 DB724/695>OP: 00606 00200 SECTION-06 TOWNSHIP-013 RANGE-003 DEED BOOK-392 PAGE-522 PPIN 4059 TD 200 CR 18 Houston MS 38851 Chickasaw S6/T13S/R03E James T. Rushing, Jr. $2,500.00
 003522011.00 2.8 AC NW COR NW1/4 NE1/4 OKOLONA RECORDS Previous Parcel # 03500022062 Alt Parcel 00322100900 PPIN 1424  Chickasaw S22/T12S/R04E Joshua Williams $4,480.00
 1-102D-04-173.01 PT STARKVILLE ST HOUSTON ORIGINAL PB2/53-54 HOUSTON RECORDS <12/23/2004 DOC1-20042728> OP: 11004D 17 27 07301 SECTION-04 TOWNSHIP-014 RANGE-003 BLOCK 27 DEED BOOK-DOC1 PAGE 2004 PPIN 7368 TD 1110 321 Depot St E Houston MS 38851 Chickasaw S4/T14S/R03E Willie Baldwin Estate $3,000.00
 1-103H-05-021.00 52 X 230 IRR - PT NE1/4 SE1/4 SE1/4 E OF HWY 389 UNPLATTED LAND 5-14-3 HOUSTON RECORDS <08/06/42 DB231/447> OP: 11005R 55 R 00400 SECTION-05 TOWNSHIP-014 RANGE-003 BLOCK R PPIN 6978 TD 5110 777 West Point Rd Houston MS 38851 Chickasaw S5/T14S/R03E Edna Flanagan c/o James A. Jones $3,500.00

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