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Danny Heinrich, "Person Of Interest" In Jacob Wetterling Disappearance, Went Belly-Up On $5,000 Credit Card Debt In 2011

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote an interesting article about "what we know" regarding Danny Heinrich, "person of interest" in the famous disappearance--so very long ago--of Jacob Wetterling.

The Star Tribune article actually includes ALMOST everything we know. For some reason, this newspaper in Minneapolis didn't see fit to include a 2011 civil court filing over $5,000 in credit card debt in its otherwise excellent and detailed story. 
According to--
--Minnesota online court records, Capital One Bank USA sued Heinrich in January of 2011 over what was almost certainly a bed credit card debt of $5,157. Some cents were included, two, but the online record seems to have truncated the amount. It started with a "7."

One Jennifer Michelle Zwilling filed on behalf of Capital One and swiftly received a default judgement, of which Heinrich has paid not one penny. I guess stalking and videotaping kids on bikes and keeping 19 binders of child porno (allegedly!) takes some kind of financial resources. Where did those resources come from? Well, some of that probably came from the credit card.

I've copied and pasted the whole online court record below.

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Register of Actions
Case No. 86-CV-11-256
Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. vs Danny J Heinrich§
Case Type:Default Judgment
Date Filed:01/12/2011
Party Information
Lead Attorneys
DefendantHeinrich, Danny JPro Se
  Annandale, MN 55302
  Plymouth, MN 55441-2662
Events & Orders of the Court
Monetary Award (Status: Active, Debtor: Danny J Heinrich, Entered: 01/14/2011, Docketed: 01/14/2011, 10:54 AM, Original Principal: $5,157.79)
01/12/2011Summons and Complaint
01/12/2011Affidavit of Service
01/12/2011Affidavit of No Answer, ID, Non-Military Status and Amt Due
01/14/2011Processed Judgment Entry and Docketing
01/14/2011Notice of Entry and Docketing of Judgment
Financial Information
Plaintiff Capital One Bank (USA), N.A.
Total Financial Assessment 320.00
Total Payments and Credits 320.00
Balance Due as of 10/31/2015 0.00
01/12/2011Transaction Assessment 320.00
01/12/2011Mail Payment Receipt # 0086-2011-00510 ZWILLING, JENNIFER MICHELLE (320.00)

Those old credit card records might reveal interesting things. I wonder if anybody has asked Capital One to turn that stuff over?

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