Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mendocino County, California, Jail Roster, Bookings November 6 and 7, 2015

PhotoFull NameIn CustodyRaceSexDate of BirthHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
Photo 09G08290 ADAMS, CURTIS BENJAMIN  WHITEMALE12/17/19845' 11"150.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082LA BACA, JOSEPH MANUEL  HISPANICMALE5/20/19975' 5"168.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0828W BAUMEISTER, RONALD ALTON  WHITEMALE2/15/19585' 9"165.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082GH BLAND, STERLING OTIS PIERRE  BLACKMALE10/9/19866' 2"175.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082LE CREAMER, DARRELL  WHITEMALE3/14/19625' 8"140.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082K2 DOCKINS, ELIZABETH ANE  WHITEFEMALE9/21/19885' 5"190.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082BS DUENAS, FRANCISCO YesHISPANICMALE6/7/19835' 9"180.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082A1 GRANADOS, ANTHONY MICHAEL  HISPANICMALE5/23/19935' 10"160.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082EE GUEVARA, MIGUEL ANGEL  HISPANICMALE4/7/19816' 2"195.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082BJ HEIDINGER, SCOTT RANDAL  WHITEMALE2/25/19606' 3"180.0 lbsYes
Photo 09G082HR JOHNSON, DOUGLAS ROGER  WHITEMALE1/13/19656' 4"220.0 lbs 
Photo 09G085B0 LUCAS, MICHAEL YesWHITEMALE4/26/19736' 1"235.0 lbsYes
Photo 09G0828R MARTINEZ, JOSE ALFREDO  HISPANICMALE9/27/19785' 8"150.0 lbs 
Photo 09G086L5 MCMURPHY, JEROME EUGENE YesWHITEMALE11/28/19705' 11"150.0 lbsYes
Photo 09G082D9 MENDOZA, JOSEPH HENRY THIRD YesHISPANICMALE7/23/19925' 11"190.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082JQ NEWELL, VINCENT MICHAEL  WHITEMALE7/26/19895' 8"140.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082K3 RAI, MAKAR JANG  CHINESEMALE7/23/19665' 6"149.0 lbs 
 SEDENO, BENJAMIN ROBERT  WHITEMALE6/15/19825' 10"190.0 lbs 
Photo 09G08295 SELLMER, JACOB YesWHITEMALE2/14/19895' 11"150.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0828U STAUFFER, DYLAN JAMES  WHITEMALE3/14/19956' 1"190.0 lbs 
Photo 09G082FP TRUJILLO, ROBERT SIMON  AMERICAN INDIANMALE12/3/19796' 0"175.0 lbs 
Photo 09G083KK VANTREESE, WILLIAM EDWARD  WHITEMALE1/13/19666' 5"270.0 lbsYes
Photo 09G082BZ WORCESTER, CLINTON CHARLES  WHITEMALE5/22/19615' 5"220.0 lbs 

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