Sunday, January 31, 2016

Arkansas Sex Offenders, Jacob Spradlin through Ralph Taylor

Found 1039 offendersSearch Criteria:
Name: % % City:
#AlertNameAddressCityZipTypeView Details
871Jacob Spradlin144 HILLSHIRE LOOP HOT SPRINGS71913
872James SpringerLevel: Level 32917 Old Greenwood Rd
# 56
Fort Smith72903
873DEAN Stephenson20300 BLOCK OF Key Road Springdale72764
874Donald StephensonLevel: Level 21701 JACKSON ST FORT SMITH72901
875Harold Stevens2100 BLOCK OF Dee Ave Springdale72764
876Iven Stevens17400 BLOCK OF Pleasure Hights Road Springdale72764
877Clerence Stewart5181 HIGHWAY 67 W FULTON71838
878EDMON STEWARTLevel: Level 21308 Prospect St
881Jeremy StocktonLevel: Level 24616 JENNY LIND RD
# 2
882Doyle Stone146 Hempstead 23
Apt #8
883Randy Stone6400 Block Hwy 29 N Blevins71825
884Roy StoneLevel: Level 34305 High St Fort Smith72904
885Thomas Stout200 BLOCK OF Gates Springdale72764
886Christopher Strobel1300 BLOCK OF WILSHIRE DR SPRINGDALE72764
887Terry StrozierLevel: Level 2- Moderate2815 MILLTOWN ROAD Greenwood72936
888Jamey StrubleLevel: Level Three10800 BLOCK OF GIBSON RD SUMMERS72769
889JOHN STUARTLevel: Predator178 Private Road 1249 Fouke71837
890DONALD STYERSLevel: Level Three17000 BLOCK OF S Hwy 71 Winslow72959
891TIMOTHY Sullivan1400 BLOCK OF S School Fayetteville72701
892Theron Summit150 ATHIE TRL PEARCY71964
893Non-CompliantJohn Sutton800 BLOCK OF OAKRIDGE DR SPRINGDALE72764
894JOHN SwannerLevel: Level Three16500 BLOCK OF Ramey Road Winslow72959
895John SwatyLevel: Level 23306 Beech St Texarkana71854
896Jody SweetenLevel: Level 2- Moderate16312 DUTCH LANE Fort Smith72916
897Cassandra TaylorLevel: Level 24801 Rogers Ave
# 19
Fort Smith72903
898Daniel Taylor4020 ALBERT PIKE RD. HOT SPRINGS71901
899JEFFERY TAYLOR2200 BLOCK OF N. Double Springs Road Fayetteville72704
900Ralph TaylorLevel: Level 21331A S 46th St
# 107
Fort Smith72903

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