Friday, January 29, 2016

Mexico Bans Surrogacy For Foreigners, Gay Couples Under Decree 265

Photo by "Tiny Bubbles," Cinco De Mayo parade, May 2015

The nation of Mexico has only one state--Tabasco--which provides surrogate mother services for foreigners and gay couples. With other nations opting out of providing such services, that left Mexico as the only Third World option for such services.

Now, as reported in The Guardian, Mexico has outlawed these services for foreigners and gay couples. All articles I've seen on this topic lack much detail on the law and where the law can be found upon the Mexican books, but some information on that topic came into my hands and so I thought it would be helpful to share it...

The law is part of Decree 265, dated December 14, 2015, published in Dario Oficial del Estado, reference 7654, on January 13th, 2016.

A Chapter VI Bis was added, named "De la gestacion sustituta y subrogada," which became in force the day after publication. As reported elsewhere, the law in summary bans foreign couples and homosexual couples from using Mexican surrogates in Mexico. Though legal challenges may be expected, the law effectively wipes out the Mexican surrogacy industry for foreigners (gay and straight) and all gays (both Mexican and foreign).

One can only expect that a number of surrogates and foreign couples could have been caught in the middle of this dramatic change and are in a real mess. 

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