Saturday, January 30, 2016

San Joaquin County, California, Jail Roster, Last 24 Hours (Scraped January 29, 2015)

Inmate NameGenderDate Of BirthBooking NumberBooking TimeCustody Status
ACEVEDO, HECTOR RAMIREZ    Released 01/29/2016
ALVAREZ, MIKEM11/15/197416-0164001/29/2016 03:50 PMIn Custody
AMATA, JOSE JAVIER    Released 01/29/2016
AREIZAGA, SERGIO ENRIQUEM03/24/198016-0157701/29/2016 04:31 AMIn Custody
BAKER, JOSHUA DAVID    Released 01/29/2016
BALDON, CHESTER ARTHURM09/04/194216-0160901/29/2016 09:52 AMIn Custody
BEARD, JOHNM02/13/198616-0165201/29/2016 09:17 PMIn Custody
BORUM, BILLY EARLM12/25/196316-0161701/29/2016 12:00 PMIn Custody
CABRERA, SAMUEL MOSESM09/30/198916-0164701/29/2016 07:49 PMIn Custody
CARRANZA, MICHAEL ANGELOM04/30/198316-0159701/29/2016 04:54 AMIn Custody
CASTELLON, JOSEPH MICHAELM12/04/197416-0163201/29/2016 11:51 AMIn Custody
CASTILLO, VERONICA MELIXA    Released 01/29/2016
CERENO, MARICHU    Released 01/29/2016
CLARK, JOHNATHANM12/14/199616-0165101/29/2016 09:19 PMIn Custody
COLIN, RUBEN GUZMANM11/18/198916-0158501/29/2016 04:36 AMIn Custody
CORDOVA, EDDIE ANTHONYM08/22/197716-0160501/29/2016 08:34 AMIn Custody
COTRARO, ARIN HALEM05/27/197116-0159501/29/2016 05:00 AMIn Custody
COUILLARD, ROBERT GEORGE    Released 01/29/2016
DERESPINI, JAMES GERARD    Released 01/29/2016
DIAZ, HUMBERTOM03/25/198816-0164101/29/2016 05:31 PMIn Custody
DILLARD, MARK ANTHONY VALLEM04/04/198516-0164501/29/2016 05:46 PMIn Custody
DURAN, ALANM12/15/197816-0159001/29/2016 04:36 AMIn Custody
ESCALANTE, BROOKEF05/09/198016-0162501/29/2016 12:16 PMIn Custody
ESQUEDA, CARLOSM12/09/198516-0161901/29/2016 11:02 AMIn Custody
FICK, GARRETT EUGENEM08/05/198916-0164201/29/2016 04:52 PMIn Custody
FLINN, KAREN ANNEF10/17/196316-0165301/29/2016 10:36 PMIn Custody
FLORES-LOZA, JOSEM11/17/199216-0161101/29/2016 10:17 AMIn Custody
FRANKLIN, SHEENA MARIEF06/20/198416-0163101/29/2016 12:59 PMIn Custody
GIRON, ROBINM06/09/197916-0162301/29/2016 11:20 AMIn Custody
GREEN, JEREMY ISSAHM11/22/197816-0163301/29/2016 12:42 PMIn Custody
GUTIERREZ, JOSEPHM01/03/199616-0162201/29/2016 11:47 AMIn Custody
HAMPTON, HERMAN JUNIUSM01/11/196416-0162101/29/2016 12:09 PMIn Custody
HANIBLE, TORYARNDUST    Released 01/29/2016
HERNANDEZ, CHRISTOPHERM06/20/197716-0162601/29/2016 12:23 PMIn Custody
HERRERA, MIKE    Released 01/29/2016
HUGHES, RICKY ANTHONY    Released 01/29/2016
JACKSON, LARRY    Released 01/29/2016
JOHNSON, KENNETHM05/26/198016-0162001/29/2016 11:25 AMIn Custody
JOHNSON, TABITHA LESLIE MARIEF05/11/198916-0158601/29/2016 05:01 AMIn Custody
JORGENSEN, MATTHEW WARDM03/19/198816-0162901/29/2016 11:35 AMIn Custody
KIM, ROBERT BONGSIKM05/04/197216-0163501/29/2016 03:11 PMIn Custody
LEDEZMA, JORGEM10/31/198416-0159201/29/2016 04:47 AMIn Custody
LEE, JASON MICHAEL    Released 01/29/2016
LOVELL, JEREMY CURTISM05/19/199016-0158801/29/2016 04:38 AMIn Custody
MADAVE, HANSM12/27/199616-0163901/29/2016 03:09 PMIn Custody
MARKS, BALNCYM12/25/198416-0160301/29/2016 06:59 AMIn Custody
MENESES, JOSE ANTONIO    Released 01/29/2016
MEZA, ALEJANDROM04/15/198316-0158401/29/2016 04:44 AMIn Custody
MILLER, NATHAN THOMASM03/13/198616-0163601/29/2016 03:25 PMIn Custody
MORIN, VERONICA ROXANNEF11/18/198116-0163401/29/2016 02:48 PMIn Custody
PANKRATZ, STEVENM01/27/196516-0164601/29/2016 07:44 PMIn Custody
PIERCE, MATTHEW LEE    Released 01/29/2016
PRUITT, APRIL NICOLEF09/03/198416-0160201/29/2016 05:46 AMIn Custody
RIOS, MICHAEL ANGELOM06/27/198616-0158201/29/2016 04:31 AMIn Custody
RODGERS, BRITTANY RAYF11/08/199416-0164801/29/2016 08:02 PMIn Custody
ROSA, JAMES KEONI    Released 01/29/2016
SALAZAR, SERGIO JAVIERM07/14/198616-0160701/29/2016 09:07 AMIn Custody
SANDOVAL, COURTNEY MICHELLE    Released 01/29/2016
SEBBEN, MARK    Released 01/29/2016
SEVEY, JOHNATHEN COREYM10/28/198716-0164901/29/2016 08:08 PMIn Custody
SMITH, TARANCE NEVELLEM04/24/197416-0157901/29/2016 04:42 AMIn Custody
SPURGEON, ROBERT DUANEM07/07/196516-0164401/29/2016 04:30 PMIn Custody
STEVENS, JOSHUA JAMES    Released 01/29/2016
STEVENSON, MICHAELM10/05/199016-0165001/29/2016 08:21 PMIn Custody
STEWART, CHRISTINE RACHELF08/17/198016-0158301/29/2016 04:50 AMIn Custody
TEETERS, JOHN DAVIDM09/13/197416-0163701/29/2016 04:02 PMIn Custody
VALENCIA, ROBERT MATHEWM12/08/198916-0164301/29/2016 04:47 PMIn Custody
VALVERDE, DANNYM02/17/196216-0160001/29/2016 05:04 AMIn Custody
VARGAS GUERRA, JESUS MANUEL    Released 01/29/2016
VU, THINH QUOCM05/03/197816-0159801/29/2016 04:58 AMIn Custody
WAIZZADA, SAYED OMID    Released 01/29/2016
WARE, MARCEL JAMESM05/23/197316-0161401/29/2016 12:40 PMIn Custody
WINCH, JONATHANM04/07/198916-0163801/29/2016 03:12 PMIn Custody
WOODS, JEFFREY MICHAELM07/26/198316-0162401/29/2016 12:48 PMIn Custody
YATES, DERRICK ANTHONYM07/25/199316-0162801/29/2016 11:55 AMIn Custody
ZUNIGA, RODOLFO EMILIO    Released 01/29/2016

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