Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mendocino County, California, Jail Roster, April 18 and 19, 2017

PhotoFull NameIn CustodyRaceSexDate of BirthHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
Photo 09G0B8Y7AZEVEDO, ASHLEY RASHELL WHITEFEMALE9/2/19855' 2"140.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0BB1CBLAIR, ASHLEY CAYLEY WHITEFEMALE11/11/19865' 4"100.0 lbsYes
Photo 09G0B9B1BUTLER, DANIEL MICHAEL WHITEMALE3/21/19476' 0"155.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B8SOELIZONDO, CYPRIAN CONOR WHITEMALE7/26/19795' 11"175.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B8YRFRENCH, AMBER RACHAEL WHITEFEMALE7/8/19945' 6"170.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B9ASGARCIA, ADAN MANCINASYesHISPANICMALE6/19/19845' 6"160.0 lbsYes
Photo 09G0B8XQGRAY, BOBBY JOHNYesWHITEMALE10/26/19796' 0"150.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B923HUDDLESTON, CHRIS DAVID WHITEMALE11/15/19526' 2"185.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B95LJAMES, MICHAEL DANIELS WHITEMALE9/6/19976' 0"150.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B9BQKENDALL, ADAM MICHAELYesWHITEMALE1/30/19896' 2"160.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B8PYMARSHALL, WILLIAM NEILYesWHITEMALE11/21/19795' 11"175.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B90VMCGREW, JACOB WILLIAMYesWHITEMALE12/17/19786' 0"220.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B8ULMILLER, JASON CONNER WHITEMALE11/9/19695' 9"160.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B91YMOORE, THOMAS WAYNE JUNIOR WHITEMALE1/1/19635' 11"150.0 lbs 
 MOULTON, ELYSE MARIAYesWHITEFEMALE4/4/19445' 4"220.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B99TMUNOZ, PAUL DANIEL FILIPINOMALE6/6/19725' 11"150.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0BD1BPONTS, RICKY GARYYesWHITEMALE1/19/19615' 8"165.0 lbsYes
Photo 09G0B9ANSOLANODIAZ, RAUL HISPANICMALE12/3/19815' 4"175.0 lbs 
Photo 09G0B8RRSUSAN, JEREMIAH ERNEST WHITEMALE7/16/19866' 0"150.0 lbs 

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