Monday, June 5, 2017

DeSoto County, Florida, Jail Roster, Snapshot June 5, 2017, Arrests, Allegedly Possess Or Use Drug Equipment

Acrea, James Michael 29 W M 12/23/2016
Ankrom, Robert Lee 21 W M 7/19/2016
Arnold, Darius Lavern 21 B M 4/20/2017
Barron, Manuel Martinez 28 W M 2/7/2017
Blanding, Hakeem Antonio 21 B M 11/1/2016
Blount, William Nathaniel 29 W M 12/13/2016
Butler, Theresa Lynn 37 W F 2/27/2017
Butts, James Elmer 32 W M 5/13/2017
Chambers, Bobby Joe 57 W M 3/7/2017
Daniel, Joseph William 37 W M 1/29/2017
Dubose, Cleveland 36 B M 10/13/2016
Faircloth, Jeffery Dean 35 W M 3/2/2017
Gonzales, David Arthur 42 H M 9/28/2016
Harding, Robert Wesley 44 W M 1/13/2017
Harris, Henry Stephen 33 W M 5/15/2017
Hines, Glenn Monroe 45 W M 3/3/2017
Horton, Howard Wayne 31 W M 5/17/2017
Incitti, Holland Jacob 25 W M 5/21/2017
Killmon, Thomas Garrett 25 W M 1/5/2017
Lara, Roldolfo Cervantes 30 H M 2/2/2017
Martinez, Juan Daniel 35 W M 4/6/2017
NeSmith, Lakeshia Renee 40 B F 4/12/2017
Ortega, Rufino 36 H M 1/17/2017
Paplomatas, Jessica Leigh 33 W F 10/20/2016
Reaves, Clarence Marshall 34 B M 3/25/2017
Recall, Thomas Lequan 26 B M 4/14/2016
Redden, Mark A 32 B M 6/1/2017
Stewart, Carl Anthony 38 B M 4/21/2017
Stocklen, Jesse Jay 42 W M 1/23/2017
White, Gregory Tyrone 49 B M 7/2/2015

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