Saturday, July 8, 2017

Barrow County, Georgia, Jail Roster, June 2 through 7, 2017

NameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
Adams, Eric RandalYesWhiteMale5' 4"190.0 lbs
Alford, Pamela DiannaYesWhiteFemale5' 1"318.0 lbs
Allen, Cheryl LeeWhiteFemale5' 2"170.0 lbs
Allen, Heath AustinYesWhiteMale6' 1"195.0 lbs
Armour, DexterYesBlackMale5' 10"210.0 lbs
Baker, Deven CharlesWhiteMale5' 8"145.0 lbs
Baldwin, Alicia DanielleWhiteFemale5' 3"155.0 lbs
Baldwin, Justin LeeYesWhiteMale5' 3"130.0 lbs
Bonvillain, Tiffany LynnYesWhiteFemale5' 0"115.0 lbs
Braswell, Gary ScottWhiteMale5' 10"200.0 lbs
Brinkworth, Ryan TimothyYesWhiteMale6' 3"230.0 lbs
Bruce, Jennifer MichelleYesWhiteFemale5' 6"135.0 lbs
Busbee, Charles EricWhiteMale5' 8"170.0 lbs
Butler, Randriques FernandezYesBlackMale6' 1"170.0 lbs
Carter, John Stephenson ThirdYesWhiteMale5' 8"170.0 lbs
Caywood, Todd TimothyWhiteMale6' 1"220.0 lbs
Chavez, Yamyly ErickaYesWhiteFemale5' 5"140.0 lbs
Chong, Ho-Yul JustinYesAsian/Pacific IslanderMale5' 7"155.0 lbs
Coulter, Jonathan ChristopherYesWhiteMale6' 0"220.0 lbs
CRISWELL, DIANNEWhiteFemale5' 5"145.0 lbs
Curtis, Jack EdwardYesWhiteMale5' 11"170.0 lbs
Dickerson, Corey AlanYesWhiteMale5' 6"135.0 lbs
Douglas, Cristina LorraineYesWhiteFemale5' 5"165.0 lbs
Duncan, Alicia RenaYesWhiteFemale5' 5"145.0 lbs
Dyess, Phillip ScottWhiteMale5' 11"135.0 lbs
Edem, Keisha LeighYesBlackFemale5' 2"150.0 lbs
Elder, Joseph RaymondYesWhiteMale5' 7"160.0 lbs
Evans, Travis WadeYesWhiteMale5' 9"180.0 lbs
Gilmer, April DawnaWhiteFemale5' 4"230.0 lbs
Golden, Lindsay TaylorYesWhiteFemale5' 1"130.0 lbs
Gossett, Morgan WilliamYesWhiteMale5' 10"145.0 lbs
Griffin, Bobby ThomasYesWhiteMale6' 4"210.0 lbs
Griffin, DonaldBlackMale5' 10"200.0 lbs
Gross, Robert GeorgeYesWhiteMale5' 11"240.0 lbs
Hammond, LaveraYesBlackFemale4' 8"110.0 lbs
Harris, Timothy KendellYesBlackMale5' 7"190.0 lbs
Hartnest, Maurice TravisYesBlackMale5' 7"175.0 lbs
Hatter, Tyler CYesBlackFemale5' 6"146.0 lbs
Henderson, Kristina RenaeWhiteFemale5' 5"175.0 lbs
Hernandez-Echavarria, AntonioWhiteMale5' 6"150.0 lbs
Holcomb, Danny SheltonYesWhiteMale5' 11"155.0 lbs
Horne, Cody AllenYesWhiteMale5' 9"190.0 lbs
Howard, Robert BenjaminWhiteMale5' 9"160.0 lbs
Johnson, Carolyn LouiseYesBlackFemale5' 3"160.0 lbs
Johnson, DerekYesBlackMale6' 1"250.0 lbs
Johnson, Jabrai SanchezYesBlackMale6' 0"160.0 lbs
Keheley, Crista MichelleWhiteFemale5' 5"170.0 lbs
Keith, Casey ThomasYesWhiteMale5' 11"175.0 lbs
King, Robert HoytYesWhiteMale5' 10"160.0 lbs
Layton, Sara KathleenYesWhiteFemale5' 0"180.0 lbs
Lee, Natasha LynnYesWhiteFemale5' 3"110.0 lbs
Littleton, JabariYesBlackMale5' 9"225.0 lbs
Mathis, DwightBlackMale5' 5"175.0 lbs
Mayweather, DonquaviousYesBlackMale5' 11"150.0 lbs
Mayweather, Timothy MauriceYesBlackMale5' 8"160.0 lbs
Mccarty, Michaela CortneyYesWhiteFemale5' 8"160.0 lbs
McDowell, Willie NorrisYesBlackMale5' 11"180.0 lbs
Metzinger, DortheannYesWhiteFemale5' 3"135.0 lbs
Moon, Dustin LawrenceYesWhiteMale5' 11"155.0 lbs
Morrell, Clifford MichaelYesWhiteMale6' 2"270.0 lbs
Mullinax, David LamarWhiteMale5' 3"121.0 lbs
Nix, Kenyatta LashaeYesBlackFemale5' 5"200.0 lbs
Nix, Michael Lawrence JuniorYesWhiteMale6' 0"240.0 lbs
Paradise, Thomas MillerYesWhiteMale5' 8"175.0 lbs
Pass, Rickey DwayneYesWhiteMale6' 1"185.0 lbs
Patterson, Ashley NicholeYesWhiteFemale5' 8"215.0 lbs
Pesina, Kelvin OrlandoYesWhiteMale5' 9"170.0 lbs
Plunk, James Andrew SeniorYesWhiteMale5' 9"150.0 lbs
Price, Kevin EdwardYesWhiteMale5' 9"250.0 lbs
Puckett, Phillip BrianYesWhiteMale5' 10"210.0 lbs
Rhodes, Paul OrienYesWhiteMale165.0 lbs
Richardson, Lorenzo JuniorYesBlackMale5' 9"220.0 lbs
Saunders, Richard JarrelBlackMale6' 0"190.0 lbs
Shedd, Kaitlyn DanielleWhiteFemale5' 0"112.0 lbs
Smallwood, Joseph BrandonYesWhiteMale5' 6"170.0 lbs
Smith, Tiffany AleanYesWhiteFemale5' 9"135.0 lbs
Stancil, Hannah BrookeYesWhiteFemale5' 1"114.0 lbs
Treadwell, Sentilla MarieYesBlackFemale5' 11"170.0 lbs
Trevors, Travis LeeWhiteMale6' 4"215.0 lbs
Tucker, Jonathan WallaceYesWhiteMale6' 0"240.0 lbs
Tyson, Robert LeeWhiteMale6' 1"265.0 lbs
Watson, Tyrone AnthonyBlackMale5' 10"167.0 lbs
White, Earl GeneYesBlackMale5' 10"220.0 lbs
White, Jamone DevoxiaYesBlackMale5' 7"215.0 lbs
Whitley, Jordan RyanYesWhiteMale6' 4"210.0 lbs
Williams, Christopher ScottWhiteMale6' 0"250.0 lbs
WILLIAMS, MARCUS JARRODBlackMale5' 3"130.0 lbs
Wolffe, Kevin EugeneYesWhiteMale5' 6"220.0 lbs
Young, Christopher SchamekeYesBlackMale5' 7"200.0 lbs

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