Saturday, July 8, 2017

Barrow County, Georgia, Jail Roster, May 27 through June 1, 2017

NameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
Adams, Eric RandalYesWhiteMale5' 4"190.0 lbs
Allen, Cheryl LeeWhiteFemale5' 2"170.0 lbs
Atha, Ronnie EugeneYesWhiteMale5' 9"175.0 lbs
Baker, Deven CharlesWhiteMale5' 8"145.0 lbs
Banks, Kathie LynnBlackFemale5' 0"110.0 lbs
Baughcum, Tammie EudineYesWhiteFemale5' 9"165.0 lbs
Brown, AljaminaYesBlackFemale5' 9"180.0 lbs
Browner, Thadius JermaineYesBlackMale5' 11"250.0 lbs
Browner, Tiffany AngelaYesBlackFemale5' 8"283.0 lbs
Buckner, Robert LeeYesWhiteMale5' 9"150.0 lbs
Calhoun, John ChristopherWhiteMale6' 0"260.0 lbs
Canales-Cubias, Jesse AlexanderYesWhiteMale6' 4"180.0 lbs
Cannon, Ted WesleyWhiteMale5' 8"210.0 lbs
Canup, Christopher StevenYesWhiteMale6' 1"205.0 lbs
Canup, MatthewYes
Canup, Matthew DavidWhiteMale5' 11"200.0 lbs
Clark, Megan LeanneYesWhiteFemale5' 4"175.0 lbs
Cook, Cleatta YvetteYesBlackFemale5' 8"160.0 lbs
Cox, Charles RusselWhiteMale6' 2"170.0 lbs
Craig, Betina DarlineWhiteFemale5' 3"190.0 lbs
Cronic, Dustin StevenYesWhiteMale5' 10"220.0 lbs
Day, Sharon MarshallYesWhiteFemale5' 7"170.0 lbs
Duncan, Alicia RenaYesWhiteFemale5' 5"145.0 lbs
Elwell, Phillip HawksYesWhiteMale6' 1"185.0 lbs
Eskew, Ashton EdwardWhiteMale5' 9"162.0 lbs
Faulkner, MatthewYesWhiteMale6' 1"170.0 lbs
Gee, Kenneth PaulYesWhiteMale5' 1"115.0 lbs
Golden, Lindsay TaylorYesWhiteFemale5' 1"130.0 lbs
Gollach, Brandon MichaelYesWhiteMale6' 1"245.0 lbs
Greeson, Terry KeithYesWhiteMale5' 9"200.0 lbs
Griffeth, Jerry DontaBlackMale5' 7"170.0 lbs
Guzman, Felipe DejesusYesWhiteMale5' 9"140.0 lbs
Hagans, Kelly JoYesWhiteFemale5' 6"140.0 lbs
Hall, Angeline CamilleYesBlackFemale5' 7"210.0 lbs
Hawkins, Jerry Wayne JuniorYesWhiteMale6' 0"235.0 lbs
Hayes, Nathan JohnWhiteMale5' 6"145.0 lbs
Haynes, Vester DwayneYesWhiteMale5' 7"161.0 lbs
Head, Charles Joseph JuniorWhiteMale5' 11"182.0 lbs
Hernandez, ChristineYesWhiteFemale5' 4"220.0 lbs
Hernandez-Jimenez, RaulYesWhiteMale5' 8"180.0 lbs
Holland, Christopher RandallYesWhiteMale5' 9"160.0 lbs
Holland, Mary EllenYesWhiteFemale5' 7"185.0 lbs
Holloway, Stephanie LeannYesWhiteFemale5' 4"160.0 lbs
Hunter, Richard KimlinYesWhiteMale6' 0"200.0 lbs
Iler, Jessica LynnWhiteFemale5' 1"150.0 lbs
Jackson, Edward Cornelius SecondWhiteMale6' 0"160.0 lbs
Jackson, Shakir CalebYesBlackMale5' 9"130.0 lbs
Jones, Jason ScottYesWhiteMale5' 9"145.0 lbs
Kladitis, Timothy DouglasYesWhiteMale6' 1"170.0 lbs
Lemar, Kiran Re-naudYesWhiteMale5' 11"161.0 lbs
Lerch, Kathryn SierraYesWhiteFemale5' 2"110.0 lbs
Lyle, Cullen MatthewYesBlackMale6' 2"150.0 lbs
Maldonado, Luis IsmaelYesWhiteMale5' 5"140.0 lbs
Marsingill, Deborah ClarkYesWhiteFemale5' 3"135.0 lbs
McGill, Victor TerranceYesWhiteMale5' 10"155.0 lbs
Medina, Jonathan OliveroWhiteMale5' 9"110.0 lbs
Morris, Michael RyanWhiteMale5' 11"190.0 lbs
Morton, Patrick OnealYesBlackMale6' 0"185.0 lbs
Neal, Keyon LavenzYesBlackMale5' 8"240.0 lbs
Nesbitt, William AntwanYesBlackMale5' 11"185.0 lbs
Nicholson, Cajalena ShawneeYesWhiteFemale5' 5"185.0 lbs
Paradise, Bradley WayneYesWhiteMale5' 10"185.0 lbs
Pirtle, Jessica LaineWhiteFemale5' 0"190.0 lbs
Pokusa, Catherine AliceWhiteFemale5' 8"150.0 lbs
Reagan, Michael RobertYesWhiteMale5' 7"160.0 lbs
Reeves, Bobbie EugeneYesWhiteMale5' 9"175.0 lbs
Reinhold, Albert WrayYesWhiteMale5' 11"190.0 lbs
Rogers, Devante MarduariusYesBlackMale5' 8"150.0 lbs
Santana, JaneryYesWhiteFemale5' 2"105.0 lbs
Scott, Tranardo LavoskyYesBlackMale5' 6"148.0 lbs
Sherrill, Johnathon RayWhiteMale6' 2"160.0 lbs
Siple, Richard LeeYesWhiteMale5' 10"155.0 lbs
Skinner, Kevin LynnYesWhiteMale6' 3"190.0 lbs
Slaughter, Alemetra EugeneYesBlackFemale5' 8"220.0 lbs
Smiley, BrandonBlackMale5' 8"180.0 lbs
Smith, Johnnie EdwardYesBlackMale5' 11"190.0 lbs
Spiker, Triston DeanYesWhiteMale5' 10"140.0 lbs
Terrell, Amanda DeniseYesBlackFemale5' 7"195.0 lbs
Thompson, Steven JesseYesWhiteMale6' 2"185.0 lbs
Timms, Ashley NicoleYesWhiteFemale5' 3"140.0 lbs
Walker, Michael PatrickYesWhiteMale6' 0"160.0 lbs
Waymon, Roderick OnealYesBlackMale6' 0"190.0 lbs
Webb, Timothy FloydYesWhiteMale5' 10"195.0 lbs
West, Samuel ParkerYesWhiteMale5' 6"125.0 lbs
Williams, Brandon StephenYesWhiteMale5' 6"150.0 lbs
Williams, David JamesYesWhiteMale5' 6"165.0 lbs
Williams, Joshua Kenneth-LeeYesWhiteMale6' 0"155.0 lbs
Williams, Melissa AnnWhiteFemale5' 5"140.0 lbs
Wilson, Calvin EricYesWhiteMale5' 9"160.0 lbs
Wood, Joshua AlexanderYesWhiteMale5' 9"170.0 lbs
Wright, Lauren MichelleYesWhiteFemale5' 7"175.0 lbs
Zachery, Rashad JermaineYesBlackMale6' 1"175.0 lbs

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