Saturday, July 8, 2017

Barrow County, Georgia, Jail Roster, December 8 through 16, 2016

NameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
Allen, Cheryl LeeWhiteFemale5' 2"170.0 lbs
Allen-Glenn, Shawna KimYesWhiteFemale5' 5"200.0 lbs
Anglin, Amy DeniseWhiteFemale5' 3"140.0 lbs
Anlauf, David RichardYesWhiteMale6' 4"230.0 lbs
Ballard, Alex OscarYesWhiteMale5' 11"250.0 lbs
Barbera, Angel AWhiteMale5' 10"215.0 lbs
Berns, Bradley GlennYesWhiteMale6' 4"160.0 lbs
Boddie, John Calvin JrYesBlackMale5' 8"160.0 lbs
Braswell, Gary ScottWhiteMale5' 10"200.0 lbsYes
Brewer, Misty LeeannYesWhiteFemale5' 3"130.0 lbs
Brock, Shamika ShenaBlackFemale5' 6"150.0 lbs
Buhite, Aaron JamesWhiteMale5' 11"265.0 lbs
Buhite, Lisa AnneWhiteFemale5' 2"130.0 lbs
Buhite, Paige ElanieWhiteFemale5' 3"135.0 lbs
Butler, Dwayne EdwardWhiteMale5' 9"160.0 lbs
Butler, Susan ColleneBlackFemale5' 6"156.0 lbs
Callahan, Ashley AnnWhiteFemale5' 2"218.0 lbs
Cannon, Taaj WesleyBlackMale5' 6"160.0 lbs
Chenevert, Patrick PWhiteMale5' 11"260.0 lbs
Christopherson, Heather LeighYesWhiteFemale5' 10"110.0 lbs
Corbin, Jamaal AlonzoYesBlackMale6' 0"328.0 lbs
Crossley, Matthew RayWhiteMale5' 11"210.0 lbs
Culver, Jason AdamBlackMale6' 0"200.0 lbs
Dailey, Cody TedWhiteMale5' 11"185.0 lbs
Daye, DebbieYesBlackFemale5' 0"156.0 lbs
Delee, Edward AllenWhiteMale6' 1"170.0 lbs
Digiacomo, David AllenYesWhiteMale6' 1"240.0 lbs
Dockery, Bradley NelsonWhiteMale5' 8"210.0 lbs
Drummond, Robert DaleYesWhiteMale5' 9"185.0 lbs
Dukes, Alicia AnnBlackFemale5' 6"210.0 lbs
Dulaney, Gerald WalterYesBlackMale5' 9"190.0 lbs
Duncan, Alicia RenaYesWhiteFemale5' 5"145.0 lbsYes
Edmonson, Brandon ScottYesWhiteMale6' 0"245.0 lbs
Edmonson, Brandon ScottYesWhiteMale6' 0"245.0 lbs
Eskew, Ashton EdwardWhiteMale5' 9"162.0 lbs
Farr, Sebastian DillonWhiteMale6' 2"185.0 lbs
FISCHEL, NORMAN WAYNEWhiteMale5' 8"150.0 lbs
Franks, Howard AlexYesWhiteMale5' 9"160.0 lbs
Gambrell, Jalen TrevonYesBlackMale5' 9"203.0 lbs
Gee, Jennifer LynnWhiteFemale4' 10"158.0 lbs
Gentry, Jesse TaylorWhiteMale6' 0"150.0 lbs
Gonzalez-Romero, Araceli5' 0"145.0 lbs
Gossett, Morgan WilliamYesWhiteMale5' 10"145.0 lbs
HARRISON, SEQUOIYA ILISEBlackFemale5' 6"250.0 lbs
Hartnest, Maurice TravisYesBlackMale5' 7"175.0 lbs
Hays, Lilia NicholeWhiteFemale5' 5"190.0 lbs
Helton, Terry ChadWhiteMale6' 0"205.0 lbs
Hensley, Erik MichaelYesWhiteMale5' 7"160.0 lbs
Hill, JoeYesWhiteMale6' 1"220.0 lbs
Holcombe, Brittany DianeWhiteFemale5' 2"140.0 lbs
Holcombe, Jerry JoeWhiteMale5' 9"160.0 lbs
Holt, Robert RyanWhiteMale6' 0"170.0 lbs
Hunt, Edward PershingWhiteMale6' 2"240.0 lbs
Hutchinson, Kiara SharelleYesBlackFemale5' 3"180.0 lbs
Jackson, Lamont DetorBlackMale6' 1"200.0 lbs
Jewell, Zachary JohnWhiteMale5' 10"210.0 lbs
Jimenez, Juan ErnestoWhiteMale5' 4"123.0 lbs
JOHNSON, AUTUMN EVANEEBlackFemale5' 3"180.0 lbs
Johnson, Carolyn LouiseYesBlackFemale5' 3"160.0 lbsYes
Jones, Deshaun AntoineYesBlackMale5' 6"150.0 lbs
Jones, GabrielBlackMale5' 7"140.0 lbsYes
Jones, Jennifer LeannWhiteFemale
Jones, Teddie JohnBlackMale6' 0"160.0 lbs
Kelley, James MichaelYesWhiteMale5' 7"240.0 lbs
Knight, Douglas JamesYesWhiteMale6' 1"140.0 lbs
Knight, Tammy DawnWhiteFemale5' 2"125.0 lbs
Lewis, Veronica MichelleYesBlackFemale6' 0"140.0 lbs
Martin, James AndrewWhiteMale6' 0"190.0 lbs
Massingill, Robert AnthonyYesWhiteMale5' 7"140.0 lbs
Maynard, Wendy DawnYesWhiteFemale5' 1"176.0 lbs
Melton, Brittany AnneWhiteFemale5' 5"130.0 lbs
Miller, Daniel LauranceWhiteMale5' 11"150.0 lbs
Miller, Eugene DonaldWhiteMale6' 0"320.0 lbs
Morris, Justin PatrickWhiteMale6' 3"170.0 lbs
OSHIELDS, COY WEBB JuniorWhiteMale6' 0"155.0 lbs
Page, Tommy DeanWhiteMale5' 4"150.0 lbs
Parker, Richard ArnoldWhiteMale5' 5"126.0 lbsYes
Rakestraw, Matthew RyanYesWhiteMale5' 10"200.0 lbs
Ramey, Jimmy AllenWhiteMale5' 8"150.0 lbs
Rembert, Tanesha ShawndreBlackFemale5' 2"125.0 lbs
Rosa, Manuel Garcia JuniorWhiteMale6' 6"225.0 lbs
Rucker, Jeffery DwayneBlackMale5' 11"171.0 lbs
Simmons, Thomas Dwayne JuniorWhiteMale6' 2"190.0 lbs
Smith, Dana NicholeWhiteFemale5' 0"115.0 lbs
Smith, Joshua MarcusBlackMale6' 0"175.0 lbs
Stewart, Christina LynnYesWhiteFemale5' 3"151.0 lbs
Stubbs, Matthew ScottWhiteMale6' 2"185.0 lbs
Tillery, Ronnie Lee JuniorYesWhiteMale6' 5"260.0 lbs
Towne, Lacey Jo MarieYesWhiteFemale5' 6"125.0 lbs
Trubach, John Lamar JuniorWhiteMale5' 7"165.0 lbs
Turner, David RashadBlackMale5' 7"185.0 lbs
Turner, Eddie RamonYesBlackMale6' 0"225.0 lbs
Turner, Heather AnnWhiteFemale4' 11"115.0 lbs
Turner, Julie BlumeWhiteFemale5' 7"200.0 lbs
Villalvir, Franklin YovanniUnknownMale5' 11"220.0 lbs
Walker, Brittany NicoleBlackFemale5' 3"250.0 lbs
Williams, Nicholas ShawnBlackMale6' 2"180.0 lbs
Wilson, Angelia KayWhiteFemale5' 3"110.0 lbs
Wilson, Stacey MarieWhiteFemale5' 3"155.0 lbs
Wroe, Dustin EvanWhiteMale5' 9"175.0 lbs

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