Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bartow County, Georgia, Jail Roster, April 3 through 7, 2017 (scraped July 29, 2017)

PhotoNameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
1DE00UV6ACHACOSO, MICHAEL JOSEPHWhiteMale5' 5"245.0 lbs
1DE00V25ANDERSON, DONNA MARIEWhiteFemale5' 2"175.0 lbs
1DE00UHDAYCOCK, CHARLES HARRISYesWhiteMale6' 0"200.0 lbs
1DE00VI0BAGLEY, KENNETH ALBURYWhiteMale6' 0"210.0 lbs
1DE00TVZBALLARD, KRISTEN TAYLORWhiteFemale5' 11"150.0 lbs
1DE00VZ0BARLOW, JOSHUA PAULWhiteMale5' 10"165.0 lbs
1DE00V30BARROW, JEREMY WADEWhiteMale5' 10"213.0 lbs
1DE00V2FBOWLING, JENNIFER INEZWhiteFemale5' 2"110.0 lbs
1DE00VSEBRAWNER, RANDY LYNNWhiteMale5' 11"165.0 lbs
1DE026CXBROWN, DANIEL LAMARWhiteMale6' 0"200.0 lbs
1DE00V2VBURNETTE, JOHNNYWhiteMale6' 1"214.0 lbs
1DE00U5JCASON, CHRISTOPHER ALLENWhiteMale5' 8"160.0 lbs
1DE01CWDCHALFANT, REBECCA LEIGHWhiteFemale5' 2"160.0 lbs
1DE00VD6CHAMBERS, KENDRA DANIELLEWhiteFemale5' 1"133.0 lbs
1DE00V3ZCHAMBLEE, ZACHARY TODDWhiteMale5' 9"155.0 lbs
1DE00U5NCLARK, CHARLES LOVEYesBlackMale5' 10"165.0 lbs
1DE00U0CCLARK, CHARLES LOVE JuniorBlackMale5' 10"200.0 lbs
1DE00W5TCLARK, WILLIAM COLEYWhiteMale5' 11"195.0 lbs
1DE00VJQCOOK, JUSTIN LEEWhiteMale6' 3"220.0 lbs
1DE00UHJEDWARDS, MARVIN ANTHONYWhiteMale5' 3"208.0 lbs
1DE00UULESCUEN, RACHEL JEANETTEWhiteFemale5' 2"100.0 lbs
1DE00W3TEVERETT, ALICE MARIEWhiteFemale5' 9"110.0 lbs
1DE00TVAFURR, CORNELIUS LAMARBlackMale5' 6"181.0 lbs
1DE00TZ2GARLAND, CRYSTAL LYNNWhiteFemale5' 6"158.0 lbs
1DE00UIBGARRETT, DUSTIN SHANEWhiteMale6' 0"170.0 lbs
1DE02RFKGIPSON, THOMAS JASONYesWhiteMale6' 1"270.0 lbs
1DE00V3WHAMPTON, DANA REENAYesWhiteFemale5' 3"100.0 lbs
1DE00V4YHAMPTON, DANA REENEYesWhiteFemale5' 3"103.0 lbs
1DE00V45HARMON, MICHAEL LEEWhiteMale6' 0"180.0 lbs
1DE00VU6HAYES, BRANDY NICOLEWhiteFemale5' 3"145.0 lbs
1DE00UBHHENSON, BILLY TODDWhiteMale5' 6"215.0 lbs
1DE00W1CHICKS, ANTONIA JOYWhiteFemale5' 6"135.0 lbs
1DE00UMGHovers, Cody LamarUnknownMale6' 0"160.0 lbs
1DE00UKFHUSSAIN, SUZANNE MICHELLEWhiteFemale5' 3"170.0 lbs
1DE026WUISOM, MATTHEW LEEYesBlackMale5' 11"210.0 lbs
1DE00V4HJILOTE, STEVEN DREWWhiteMale5' 4"159.0 lbs
1DE02D64JOHNSON, KENDRA NICOLEWhiteFemale5' 9"170.0 lbs
1DE00UU0JOHNSON, KENDRIC SHURONEBlackMale6' 0"210.0 lbs
1DE00VS1Johnson, Tanesha BeatriceUnknownFemale5' 0"165.0 lbs
1DE02OERLACY, TYLER JOELYesWhiteMale5' 7"130.0 lbs
1DE00TY8LOPEZ, BONIFACIO MENDEZWhiteMale5' 4"160.0 lbs
1DE00U4OMALONEY, TINA MICHELLEWhiteFemale5' 5"125.0 lbs
1DE00VDBMEAD, JACQUELINE ELIZABETHYesWhiteFemale5' 6"130.0 lbs
1DE012RDMILLER, LAGRISSA MARLENEWhiteFemale5' 7"165.0 lbs
1DE00VWSMOBLEY, ISSA TYRONEBlackMale6' 1"180.0 lbs
1DE00UBRMONFORD, TONISHA SHEERABlackFemale5' 7"165.0 lbs
1DE00UZ9MOORE, BRAYDEN MCKENNZIEWhiteMale5' 9"160.0 lbs
1DE00TULNATION, JOSEPH LEEYesWhiteMale6' 1"170.0 lbs
1DE00UMWOCHOA, LAWANDA JANEWhiteFemale5' 8"170.0 lbs
1DE00U56OSBORNE, CHELSEA DANIELLEYesWhiteFemale5' 0"102.0 lbs
1DE00U67OSBORNE, CHELSEA DANIELLEWhiteFemale5' 0"102.0 lbs
1DE00W1NOWENS, KAYLAH EVONNEBlackFemale5' 4"155.0 lbs
1DE01CINPALMER, SHAWN ANTONIOBlackMale6' 0"170.0 lbs
1DE00U3PPARTIN, HALEY ELIZABETHWhiteFemale5' 8"230.0 lbs
1DE00VJHPEACE, ASHLEY LEASHAEWhiteFemale5' 6"170.0 lbs
1DE00VJ2PEACE, CHAD EUGENEWhiteMale5' 6"220.0 lbs
1DE00VWHPOOLE, RONNIE PAULYesWhiteMale5' 6"140.0 lbs
1DE00VB4POUNDS, TIMOTHY THEODOREWhiteMale5' 10"170.0 lbs
1DE00VK5POWELL, JOSHUA WILBURWhiteMale5' 8"185.0 lbs
1DE00U4SPRUITT, TROY DARRENWhiteMale5' 10"180.0 lbs
1DE00VHSRATHBONE, ROBERT SHANEWhiteMale5' 10"225.0 lbs
1DE00UKUREEVES, WILLIAM GREGORYWhiteMale5' 7"170.0 lbs
1DE00U59SATTERFIELD, JOSEPH PATRICKWhiteMale5' 9"180.0 lbs
1DE00V00SCOTT, CHARLENE MICHELLEWhiteFemale5' 0"120.0 lbs
1DE00VHGSELLERS, LOGAN SHANEWhiteMale5' 11"165.0 lbs
1DE00WAYSHINALL, CODY CHAYSEWhiteMale5' 10"175.0 lbs
1DE00UM4SIMPSON, ERIC ANDREBlackMale5' 10"145.0 lbs
1DE00V29SIMPSON, KIMBERLY DAWNWhiteFemale5' 4"135.0 lbs
1DE00UYNSIMPSON, RICHARD MICHAELWhiteMale5' 11"190.0 lbs
1DE00V3RSMITH, HARDY ZENASWhiteMale5' 8"160.0 lbs
1DE012TNSMITH, HAROLD JRBlackMale5' 10"165.0 lbs
1DE00U1MSMITH, HOWARD WALTERWhiteMale6' 2"205.0 lbs
1DE00V2LSPARKS, AMY MARIEWhiteFemale5' 0"120.0 lbs
1DE00VESSPEARS, JANIE LEEWhiteFemale5' 8"160.0 lbs
1DE00TLMSPIRES, BRANDON LEEWhiteMale6' 1"180.0 lbs
1DE00TLYSPIRES, BRANDON LEEWhiteMale6' 1"180.0 lbs
1DE00VLDSTEWART, KYLE SHANEBlackMale5' 8"150.0 lbs
1DE00V4MTANT, ALVIN EUGENEWhiteMale5' 5"140.0 lbs
1DE00V10TANT, DEBBIE JOWhiteFemale5' 2"112.0 lbs
1DE00V2PTANT, REBECCA ANNWhiteFemale5' 3"135.0 lbs
1DE00W1XTHACKSTON, ELIZABETH DEANNAWhiteFemale5' 8"140.0 lbs
1DE00WFQTRIPLET, ALLEN TYREEBlackMale5' 11"120.0 lbs
1DE00VXPUNDERWOOD, HENRY KEITHWhiteMale6' 1"190.0 lbs
1DE00UHSVANHOOK, WESLEY SHANEWhiteMale5' 8"180.0 lbs
1DE00V55VARDI, NADIA LEIGHWhiteFemale5' 4"130.0 lbs
1DE00VZXWAFROCK, BRANDON SCOTTWhiteMale6' 1"175.0 lbs
1DE00TMXWILLIAMS, NATHAN EUGENEYesWhiteMale5' 8"150.0 lbs
1DE00UJVWOODDELL, STEVEN THOMASWhiteMale5' 6"170.0 lbs

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