Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bartow County, Georgia, Jail Roster, April 19 through 21, 2017

PhotoNameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
1DE012S9ABERNATHY, RONDIWhiteMale5' 3"150.0 lbs
1DE011NWABLEMAN, MATTHEW STEPHENWhiteMale5' 10"180.0 lbs
1DE011VHALLISON, TRAVIS GLENNWhiteMale6' 0"200.0 lbs
1DE012U2ANDERSON, ABRIANNA STARRYesWhiteFemale5' 1"105.0 lbs
1DE0124WASHWORTH, CLARA RENEEWhiteFemale5' 1"180.0 lbs
1DE011WPASHWORTH, JOSHUA GLENNWhiteMale6' 1"182.0 lbs
1DE0129ZBailey, Jessikah DanielleBlackFemale5' 0"185.0 lbs
1DE026J4BARRETT, CEDRICK DERONYesBlackMale6' 0"210.0 lbs
1DE012B4BENNETT, ZACHARY SETHYesWhiteMale5' 9"215.0 lbs
1DE0120GBOHANNON, CHRISTOPHER KEITHWhiteMale5' 4"150.0 lbs
1DE01261BOHANNON, KAYLA DANIELLEWhiteFemale5' 6"140.0 lbs
1DE012RGBOYD, DEBORAH DENISEWhiteFemale5' 2"165.0 lbs
1DE012Y5BRENDLE, ASHLIE NEVAWhiteFemale5' 6"170.0 lbs
1DE0125FBROADAWAY, GREGORY SCOTTWhiteMale6' 3"250.0 lbs
1DE011HNBROTHERTON, PAM COURTNEYWhiteFemale5' 2"115.0 lbs
1DE011BYBROWN, ANTHONY JAMESWhiteMale6' 0"225.0 lbs
1DE01241BRUCE, RICHARD STEPHENWhiteMale5' 11"160.0 lbs
1DE012TZBRYANT, JESSICA LEANNWhiteFemale5' 6"182.0 lbs
1DE012RZCARNES, CHRISTEN AMBERWhiteFemale5' 4"105.0 lbs
1DE025JZCHAMBERS, LATISHA DEVETTEWhiteFemale5' 3"150.0 lbs
1DE02MQGCOCHRAN, TALIQUE AL-TRAQBlackMale5' 10"170.0 lbs
1DE011USCOLE, CLIFTON OLENWhiteMale5' 9"180.0 lbs
1DE011MNCONE, KEISHA RENAWhiteFemale5' 6"190.0 lbs
1DE011SZCOOLEY, CHRISTOPHER LEEYesWhiteMale5' 9"170.0 lbs
1DE011IPCOOLEY, DARREN DESHAWNBlackMale5' 7"150.0 lbs
1DE012PMCORDELL, MARVIN GRADYWhiteMale6' 0"200.0 lbs
1DE0276ZCORNEJO, LEONARDO CRUZWhiteMale5' 2"150.0 lbs
1DE02306CULVER, KASEY LYNNWhiteFemale5' 7"160.0 lbs
1DE01V8WDAVIS, JOHNATHAN LAMARBlackMale5' 7"150.0 lbs
1DE01233DAVY, DAVID NEALWhiteMale6' 2"155.0 lbs
1DE012KVDOBBS, AUSTIN BOBBYWhiteMale6' 0"150.0 lbs
1DE011XSDONATE, KRISTAL LYNNWhiteFemale5' 1"165.0 lbs
1DE0128NDUNN, JAMMIE LYNNWhiteFemale5' 2"140.0 lbs
1DE012ABEDMONDSON, DANTE RISHADBlackMale5' 8"180.0 lbs
1DE012Q7EDWARDS, TREVER ALVINWhiteMale5' 7"185.0 lbs
1DE012U8FAIRCHILD, SARA GRACEWhiteFemale5' 2"125.0 lbs
1DE011NOFAUBERT, ERICA KATHERINEWhiteFemale5' 7"140.0 lbs
1DE0122UGENTRY, BRUCE CARRYWhiteMale5' 6"130.0 lbs
1DE01U8BGIPSON, JOSHUA DAVIDWhiteMale5' 5"125.0 lbs
1DE012R1GRIFFIN, ROBERT CHARLESWhiteMale6' 0"210.0 lbs
1DE011OEHALE, JOSHUA KYLEWhiteMale5' 8"200.0 lbs
1DE012TSHALLIGAN, KRISTINA GARCIAUnknownFemale5' 7"200.0 lbs
1DE01DPKHART, ANDREW EDWARDWhiteMale6' 1"180.0 lbs
1DE0121JHAYDEN, JOHN GRIFFINYesWhiteMale5' 8"185.0 lbs
1DE011UJHAYNES, CASSINI MICHAELSBlackMale6' 1"150.0 lbs
1DE012Q1HELLAMNS, LORNELL BRODERICKYesBlackMale5' 5"150.0 lbs
1DE011G8HOWARD, TROY BLAKEWhiteMale5' 11"200.0 lbs
1DE02KJIJONES, LIONEL LAVERNEBlackMale6' 1"210.0 lbs
1DE0128KKASONOVITCH, LAURA ANNWhiteFemale5' 2"125.0 lbs
1DE01168KELLEY, DASIA NEKOLEBlackFemale5' 5"270.0 lbs
1DE0124OKING, TABITHA SHANTEEWhiteFemale5' 8"175.0 lbs
1DE012AYLAMB, WILLIAM EUGENE ThirdWhiteMale6' 0"180.0 lbs
1DE012PSLANIER, KEITH LARVELLBlackMale6' 1"220.0 lbs
1DE012RTLOPEZ, ELDERWhiteMale5' 8"150.0 lbs
1DE0123ELUND, PEHR IANYesWhiteMale5' 11"260.0 lbs
1DE021H7MALONE, JENNIFER LEANNWhiteFemale5' 3"165.0 lbs
1DE02LV8MCFARLAND, JOHN PAULYesWhiteMale5' 11"135.0 lbs
1DE011K3MCLEMORE, TIMOTHY LEEWhiteMale6' 2"176.0 lbs
1DE012KEMCNABB, RAVI OLAJUWONBlackMale5' 8"175.0 lbs
1DE012RDMILLER, LAGRISSA MARLENEWhiteFemale5' 7"165.0 lbs
1DE0124IMORRIS, TORI SHANNONWhiteFemale5' 6"130.0 lbs
1DE012K7NEAL, ANTHONY VINCENTWhiteMale6' 1"150.0 lbs
1DE011EKNORTON, JERRIE CHRISTINEWhiteFemale5' 3"105.0 lbs
1DE0123QPATTERSON, KEVIN LEEWhiteMale5' 10"170.0 lbs
1DE011ORPROFFIT, WILLIAM LEEWhiteMale6' 1"210.0 lbs
1DE011TZRAY, TIMOTHY VIRGILWhiteMale5' 8"220.0 lbs
1DE0122CREEVES, DAVID MITCHUMWhiteMale5' 7"145.0 lbs
1DE011ZTROBINSON, PERRON JONATHONBlackMale5' 11"165.0 lbs
1DE011U9ROLAND, ROBERT HAROLDWhiteMale5' 9"200.0 lbs
1DE012U5SALAZAR-HERNANDEZ, CARILU NMNWhiteFemale5' 2"158.0 lbs
1DE011I6SECRIST, RICHARD LEEWhiteMale6' 1"250.0 lbs
1DE011JPSHARPE, HOWLAND DANIELWhiteMale5' 10"185.0 lbs
1DE012RLSHIELDS, BRIAN KEITHWhiteMale5' 7"185.0 lbs
1DE012TNSMITH, HAROLD JRBlackMale5' 10"165.0 lbs
1DE012V1STAPLES, SOPHIA ANNBlackFemale5' 8"170.0 lbs
1DE02RHPSTARK, BRANDY MARCIAYesWhiteFemale5' 1"230.0 lbs
1DE01251STONEBREAKER, LAURA CATHERINEWhiteFemale5' 5"180.0 lbs
1DE011FYTODD, ANDREW LEEWhiteMale6' 2"280.0 lbs
1DE011PBTURNER, ALTON LOUISBlackMale6' 2"200.0 lbs
1DE012TBWADE, MARCEETE TYWANBlackMale5' 7"135.0 lbs
1DE0128RWALLACE, BRADLEY MURRAYWhiteMale5' 11"215.0 lbs
1DE012UGWALPOLE, MICHELLE LEEWhiteFemale6' 1"210.0 lbs
1DE0125BWATERS, KALEB LEEWhiteMale5' 5"130.0 lbs
1DE0126HWATKINS, DAVID MACKWhiteMale6' 5"285.0 lbs
1DE01288WATSON, RICHARD LARAYWhiteMale5' 10"155.0 lbs
1DE012S3WEAVER, GLENDA RENEEWhiteFemale5' 6"130.0 lbs
1DE011J8WILLIAMS, CONRAD JOSEPHBlackMale6' 5"185.0 lbs
1DE011LPWILLIAMS, JAMES ANTHONYBlackMale6' 0"190.0 lbs
1DE01296WILLIAMSON, JASON MERIDETHWhiteMale5' 7"150.0 lbs
1DE011M2WILSON, CHRISTOPHER BRYANWhiteMale6' 1"175.0 lbs
1DE011XAWOLFE, TARA MONTREEYesWhiteFemale3' 4"120.0 lbs
1DE01214WOODALL, TERRY LEEWhiteMale5' 6"170.0 lbs
1DE0122KWORTHINGTON, DAVID LEEWhiteMale6' 2"200.0 lbs

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