Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bartow County, Georgia, Jail Roster, February 13 through 16, 2017

PhotoNameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
1DE0074YABLE, GARY WAYNEWhiteMale6' 1"210.0 lbs
1DE00777ACKEY, NICHOLAS LAMARBlackMale5' 6"235.0 lbs
1DE007XBADAMS, MICHAEL VANWhiteMale6' 1"210.0 lbs
1DE005XTADAMS, SANTREKA TANAEBlackFemale5' 8"230.0 lbs
1DE006OAALLEN, JOHN HENRYWhiteMale5' 7"150.0 lbs
1DE012U2ANDERSON, ABRIANNA STARRYesWhiteFemale5' 1"105.0 lbs
1DE0077KBENTLEY, MARVIN LAMONTBlackMale5' 7"235.0 lbs
1DE028KDBISHOP, BRANDON KEITHWhiteMale5' 8"155.0 lbs
1DE0070DBLACKMAN, CLIFTON SHANEWhiteMale5' 3"175.0 lbs
1DE02LB3BLANTON, NATALIE ERINWhiteFemale5' 4"115.0 lbs
1DE007GDBROWDY, JIBRIL SALIKYesBlackMale5' 9"135.0 lbs
1DE005RWBROWN, MAKENNA LAURENWhiteFemale5' 3"145.0 lbs
1DE006J3BUNCH, ERIC TAYLORWhiteMale5' 10"148.0 lbs
1DE007EVBYRD, ROBERT ALLENWhiteMale5' 10"180.0 lbs
1DE00781CABRERA, ELIAS GONZALEZWhiteMale5' 5"160.0 lbs
1DE007J5CARTER, ROBERT ThirdYesBlackMale5' 7"230.0 lbs
1DE0075OCARTER, ROBERT NMN ThirdBlackMale5' 7"230.0 lbs
1DE00728CHARTIER, SHAWN PAULWhiteMale5' 10"150.0 lbs
1DE007HXCLEMONS, BRITTANY LEAWhiteFemale5' 7"125.0 lbs
1DE005Z5COFFIN, JARED RUSSELLWhiteMale6' 0"190.0 lbs
1DE01Z07COOK, AMANDA LEIGHYesWhiteFemale5' 8"180.0 lbs
1DE0080BCOX, BARBARA MARIEWhiteFemale5' 3"110.0 lbs
1DE02306CULVER, KASEY LYNNWhiteFemale5' 7"160.0 lbs
1DE007AACURTIS, JERRY STARRWhiteMale5' 9"210.0 lbs
1DE006RDELEBY, COREY DINELLYesBlackMale5' 6"180.0 lbs
1DE006UWESPARZA, VICENTE ROMOUnknownMale5' 7"200.0 lbs
1DE007AWETHRIDGE, KRISTIN NICOLEWhiteFemale4' 11"130.0 lbs
1DE01AYVEVANS, STEWART nmnYesBlackMale6' 1"140.0 lbs
1DE007TDFLEETWOOD, JOSHUA DAMONDYesBlackMale6' 0"165.0 lbs
1DE01SWTFORTUNE, SAMUEL TROYWhiteMale6' 0"180.0 lbs
1DE006UNFORTUNE, SAMUEL TROYWhiteMale6' 0"180.0 lbs
1DE0080IFOUNTAIN, CARLY CHRISTINAWhiteFemale5' 6"155.0 lbs
1DE0074CFRICKS, RYAN RAPHAELWhiteMale5' 10"150.0 lbs
1DE007S9Garcia, AnthonyUnknownMale6' 2"260.0 lbs
1DE02N0MGARNIGAN, SHANDEZ LATRENTYesBlackMale5' 9"170.0 lbs
1DE007Y4GIBSON, GARY MICHAELWhiteMale5' 11"170.0 lbs
1DE0080FGRIFFITH, JENNIFER MARYWhiteFemale5' 7"138.0 lbs
1DE006MTHALE, HAILEY LEANNWhiteFemale4' 11"112.0 lbs
1DE0080ZHALL, VIDOE TYRESEYesBlackMale5' 7"150.0 lbs
1DE0078LHAMES, SHAE ANNWhiteFemale5' 4"185.0 lbs
1DE00786HARRELSON, DANIEL LYTELLWhiteMale5' 11"215.0 lbs
1DE0066HHart, Jarrad TerrellUnknownMale5' 10"128.0 lbs
1DE006V1HENRY, JUSTIN ROOSEVELTWhiteMale5' 11"150.0 lbs
1DE00G9BHOBBS, BENJAMIN CHALMASWhiteMale5' 6"200.0 lbs
1DE0063HHUGHES, H KELMERWhiteMale6' 2"190.0 lbs
1DE006IHHYDE, FLORA VICTORIAWhiteFemale5' 6"155.0 lbs
1DE007ZYINGLE, JOANNA LYNNWhiteFemale5' 4"177.0 lbs
1DE007QCJACOBS, STEPHEN HAROLDWhiteMale5' 11"178.0 lbs
1DE0066ZJASSO, ISAACWhiteMale5' 10"165.0 lbs
1DE006RGJOHNSON, GEORGE ELVINBlackMale5' 6"149.0 lbs
1DE006N7JOHNSON, TRESSA NICHOLEBlackFemale5' 8"189.0 lbs
1DE005ZEJONES, ALLEN HARRYBlackMale6' 0"300.0 lbs
1DE00818KADNER, MARSHA KAYWhiteFemale5' 5"140.0 lbs
1DE00IFUKATEN, CHRISTOPHER LEEWhiteMale5' 9"150.0 lbs
1DE005V4LEDBETTER, JASON TOBIASBlackMale5' 7"175.0 lbs
1DE02LUYLEE, DONALD CHARLESYesWhiteMale5' 11"160.0 lbs
1DE0073LLEMAY, DAVID ALANWhiteMale6' 1"156.0 lbs
1DE0078ULEWIS, GIOVANNI CLIFTON JuniorBlackMale5' 11"280.0 lbs
1DE007VGLITZENBERG, JUSTIN MICHAELWhiteMale5' 10"175.0 lbs
1DE005Y8Lopez, Fabio Jesus JuniorUnknownMale5' 6"140.0 lbs
1DE006HELOYAL, DEION DEVONTEBlackMale5' 9"212.0 lbs
1DE006P7LUCAS, KAITLYN GAILWhiteFemale5' 1"140.0 lbs
1DE019JNMCCOY, CHRISTOPHER WADEWhiteMale6' 3"210.0 lbs
1DE006FAMcdade, Frank PatrickUnknownMale6' 1"190.0 lbs
1DE00807MCINTYRE, PAMELA ANNWhiteFemale5' 5"170.0 lbs
1DE005JNMCLENDON, MICHAEL GREGORYWhiteMale6' 0"178.0 lbs
1DE0067HMOORE, RYAN WINFREYWhiteMale6' 2"250.0 lbs
1DE02GJZMOORE, STEVEN ANTHONYYesBlackMale6' 0"145.0 lbs
1DE007ZANALLI, CAREY RAYWhiteMale6' 2"220.0 lbs
1DE00637NORRIS, GARFIELD ROYESBlackMale6' 1"190.0 lbs
1DE019IVOCHOA, LAWANDA JANEYesWhiteFemale5' 8"200.0 lbs
1DE0081TODELL, PHILLIP FRANKLINYesWhiteMale6' 1"170.0 lbs
1DE005PKORTIZ-EVANS, PABLO JESUSWhiteMale5' 7"145.0 lbs
1DE007ZPPAYNE, JESSE LEEWhiteMale6' 2"160.0 lbs
1DE0078FPITTS, CAROL LYNNWhiteFemale5' 3"200.0 lbs
1DE005J2POOLE, ROBERT BROGANYesWhiteMale5' 6"180.0 lbs
1DE01CMWSILVER, DAKOTA MAXWELLWhiteMale5' 11"145.0 lbs
1DE006F4SINCLAIR, SONNYYesBlackMale6' 0"240.0 lbs
1DE007YXSLOAN, TIMOTHY CARTERWhiteMale5' 11"260.0 lbs
1DE007B2THOMPSON, JOELL LATRISHBlackFemale5' 11"230.0 lbs
1DE00656WADDLE, BOBBY DANWhiteMale6' 0"190.0 lbs
1DE006LFWEST, CATHERINE LATONEWhiteFemale5' 6"170.0 lbs
1DE00803WEST, FRANCES ANNWhiteFemale5' 6"130.0 lbs
1DE0077HWILLIAMS, ANTHONY DUANEYesWhiteMale5' 9"175.0 lbs
1DE008TQWOOD, PRESTON COLEWhiteMale5' 10"170.0 lbs
1DE006IBWorley, Steven MICHEALUnknownMale6' 6"230.0 lbs

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