Friday, July 28, 2017

Bartow County, Georgia, Jail Roster, February 17 through 21, 2017 (scraped July 27, 2017)

PhotoNameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
1DE009Z3ALLEN, VIDAL TREMAINBlackMale5' 10"225.0 lbs
1DE008SEALPHONSE, CARY MICHAELWhiteMale6' 0"225.0 lbs
1DE00AF0ANGEL, RONALD KEITHWhiteMale5' 8"145.0 lbs
1DE008WOASANO, NORA GREENEWhiteFemale5' 1"130.0 lbs
1DE009DWASHWORTH, JUAN MARTINWhiteMale5' 11"150.0 lbs
1DE00TVZBALLARD, KRISTEN TAYLORWhiteFemale5' 11"150.0 lbs
1DE009GCBrockington, Deja JanayBlackFemale4' 8"120.0 lbs
1DE009GKBROUGHMAN, JASON RAYWhiteMale5' 10"190.0 lbs
1DE0093KBROWN, COLBY DWAYNEWhiteMale5' 11"140.0 lbs
1DE009CZBROWN, KIMBERLY LEANNWhiteFemale5' 10"230.0 lbs
1DE01ZHTBYNUM, DOUGLAS JAMESWhiteMale6' 0"170.0 lbs
1DE00999CAGLE, JUSTIN ANTHONYWhiteMale5' 9"180.0 lbs
1DE009NCCALDERONE, DAMIAN MICHAELBlackMale5' 11"220.0 lbs
1DE009QCCHAMBERS, KENTON KYRONBlackMale5' 11"175.0 lbs
1DE009GWCHAUNCEY, MICHAEL LYNNWhiteMale5' 8"160.0 lbs
1DE0093BCORNEJO, JOSE GUADALAPEWhiteMale5' 6"160.0 lbs
1DE0094KCORNETT, SARAH ELAINEWhiteFemale4' 11"200.0 lbs
1DE02FCCDIXON, DANDRE CASSANBlackMale5' 8"209.0 lbs
1DE009BWDOVER, PAMELA JONESWhiteFemale5' 3"155.0 lbs
1DE009P2DUNCAN, APRIL CYNTHIAWhiteFemale5' 8"260.0 lbs
1DE0090YDUTTON, KATHERINE VIRGINIAWhiteFemale5' 8"120.0 lbs
1DE0094AEDMONDSON, CHARLES LARRY JuniorWhiteMale6' 1"246.0 lbs
1DE00AERFAIN, JASON MATHEWWhiteMale5' 9"225.0 lbs
1DE008EUFREEMAN, STEPHEN ALLENYesWhiteMale5' 11"150.0 lbs
1DE008LKGRANT, BERNELL ANTWONBlackMale6' 2"235.0 lbs
1DE021ABGRIER, BARRY SHANEWhiteMale6' 1"165.0 lbs
1DE00CHQHAYNES, JEREMY RAYWhiteMale6' 0"140.0 lbs
1DE008HYHEATHERS, KAYLA BRIEANNAWhiteFemale5' 3"105.0 lbs
1DE00AAAHOBBS, CRYSTAL DAWNWhiteFemale5' 1"165.0 lbs
1DE007EQHOLLEY, ASHANAEE PAMELAYesBlackFemale5' 4"135.0 lbs
1DE008XEHOLLEY, CHARLES DALEYesWhiteMale5' 11"210.0 lbs
1DE009FVHOUSTON, WALTER EUGENEBlackMale5' 9"220.0 lbs
1DE01TSYHOWARD, MICHAEL RAYMONDWhiteMale5' 11"190.0 lbs
1DE00992HUGHES, JESSICA KELLEYWhiteFemale5' 5"120.0 lbs
1DE02G8GHUTCHENS, RYAN DERAYYesBlackMale6' 3"240.0 lbs
1DE009XZISAAC, TIMOTHY MATTHEWWhiteMale6' 1"210.0 lbs
1DE02G6QJACKSON, ROBERT BRUCEYesWhiteMale5' 8"175.0 lbs
1DE0095TKaten, Christopher LeeYesUnknownMale5' 10"165.0 lbs
1DE009FEKIMBRO, TYLER NAYESHAWNBlackMale5' 8"143.0 lbs
1DE009FIKIMBRO, TYON NAMOUNTBlackMale5' 11"165.0 lbs
1DE00Z8AKMITTA, KEITH DAVIDWhiteMale5' 6"150.0 lbs
1DE009DJLANNING, ALLEN WILLIAMWhiteMale5' 10"205.0 lbs
1DE008I2LAWHORN, AMANDA NICOLEWhiteFemale5' 6"130.0 lbs
1DE00AEILEE, CHRISTOPHER BRENTWhiteMale5' 4"170.0 lbs
1DE008VJLEE, JOSEPH DANIELWhiteMale6' 4"250.0 lbs
1DE00A9ILEMMING, STEVEN JOHNWhiteMale5' 10"220.0 lbs
1DE008F2LINGERFELT, WESLEY RAMONWhiteMale6' 3"370.0 lbs
1DE008XILOVE, MATTHEW DANIELWhiteMale5' 9"142.0 lbs
1DE009YSLOWERY, ANDREW JOSEPHWhiteMale5' 8"145.0 lbs
1DE00AHTMALACHI, JULIA TANIESHABlackFemale5' 6"135.0 lbs
1DE02ITGMARTIN, CHRISTOPHER SHAWNYesWhiteMale5' 11"200.0 lbs
1DE02G98MAY, SHAWNA KAYYesWhiteFemale5' 2"130.0 lbs
1DE009BBMcconnell, Warren TurnerUnknownMale5' 9"190.0 lbs
1DE00AC1MENDEZ, CYNTHIA ROSIBELLWhiteFemale5' 4"140.0 lbs
1DE00A9SMILLER, FREDDIE LAVONBlackMale5' 7"200.0 lbs
1DE009AUMITCHELL, WALTER EUGENEBlackMale5' 9"217.0 lbs
1DE009G7Montgomery, Austin JamesUnknownMale5' 10"160.0 lbs
1DE008FEMULL, JOSEPH ANDREWWhiteMale6' 4"190.0 lbs
1DE02QBUMURPHY, DANIEL JOSEPHYesWhiteMale5' 10"150.0 lbs
1DE008LUODELL, LEROY LAWRENCEWhiteMale5' 10"165.0 lbs
1DE009G0PARRIS, HALEY RENEEWhiteFemale5' 1"120.0 lbs
1DE008T3Postell, Tabitha AngelaUnknownFemale5' 11"104.0 lbs
1DE01WOXQUINTON, DAVID EARLWhiteMale6' 0"180.0 lbs
1DE008HURAKESTRAW, REBECCA ELIZABETHYesWhiteFemale5' 2"100.0 lbs
1DE00987REED, AXEL BEAUWhiteMale5' 11"140.0 lbs
1DE009EQRenta, Leonard ElliotUnknownMale5' 11"200.0 lbs
1DE00AGBReynolds, Jennifer LynnUnknownFemale5' 6"140.0 lbs
1DE009ZQROBINSON, QUINTEZ MAURICEBlackMale5' 6"215.0 lbs
1DE009ZAROBINSON, QUINTEZ MAURICEYesBlackMale5' 5"220.0 lbs
1DE008HLROSE, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHERYesWhiteMale5' 9"240.0 lbs
1DE009XMROSS, DAMIAN JAHMOLBlackMale5' 11"165.0 lbs
1DE008W6SALATHE, ANDREW WARRENWhiteMale5' 10"164.0 lbs
1DE009D0Schreffler, Raymond RogerUnknownMale5' 9"190.0 lbs
1DE00CU5SINCLAIR, JACKIE SUEWhiteFemale5' 5"170.0 lbs
1DE009GTSTUBBS, DEVON LAIRDWhiteMale6' 0"155.0 lbs
1DE009GLStubbs, Devon LairdYesUnknownMale6' 0"155.0 lbs
1DE008MRTINSLEY, HANNAH REBEKAHBlackFemale5' 4"130.0 lbs
1DE008HDTROTTER, JUSTIN RAYWhiteMale5' 10"160.0 lbs
1DE008YATURNER, BRENTON ONEILBlackMale5' 11"185.0 lbs
1DE008JFVARGAS, OSCAR ALFONSO PEREZWhiteMale5' 4"180.0 lbs
1DE009AZWALKER, JONATHAN DAVIDWhiteMale5' 11"150.0 lbs
1DE008SQWALLER, GLENDA ANNWhiteFemale5' 6"118.0 lbs
WILSON, SAMANTHA JOWhiteFemale5' 6"130.0 lbs
1DE0081GWILSON, STEVEN JOSEPHWhiteMale5' 10"225.0 lbs
1DE00A8EWORLEY, WILLIAM DOUGLASWhiteMale6' 2"170.0 lbs
1DE009Z0WRIGHT, DONALD WAYNEWhiteMale5' 10"150.0 lbs
1DE008IUWYATT, DENNIS EDWARD JuniorWhiteMale5' 9"130.0 lbs

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