Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kitsap County, Washington, Jail Roster, Booked In The Last 72 Hours, July 8, 2017

Booked in last 72 hours

NameBook NumDate Booked
AINGE, JOSHUA D201700446907/05/2017 9:28PM
ALBRO, HILARIE M201700449807/06/2017 5:49PM
ANDERSON, APRIL RENEE201700446207/05/2017 3:46PM
BATISTELLI, MICHELLE R201700447907/06/2017 9:59AM
BETERS, FREDERICK EARL201700452207/07/2017 1:16PM
BIGLER, CHRISTOPHER M201700449407/06/2017 4:52PM
BOONE, BRAD LEE201700447407/06/2017 4:44AM
BORCHARDT, ROBERT JOSEPH201700452107/07/2017 10:57AM
BOYD, ROGER SCOTT201700446607/05/2017 8:49PM
BOYLE, SHANE ALLEN201700452907/07/2017 8:11PM
BUYSERIE, DUSTYN J201700446707/05/2017 8:56PM
CAMERER, NICOLE RELAND201700451707/07/2017 10:32AM
CAPPS, TONY DEAN201700449007/06/2017 1:55PM
COHEN, SAMUEL KEITH201700448407/06/2017 12:50PM
COPLEY, CARMELA MARIE T Q201700445907/05/2017 2:44PM
DANDURAND, BRADLEY A201700453307/08/2017 2:02AM
DILLON, JAMELL LAQUAN201700451407/07/2017 9:40AM
DOERING, ALYSSA SUANNE201700452807/07/2017 7:47PM
EVANS, JEFFREY WADE201700452007/07/2017 10:57AM
FAHRENBRUCH, MARK CURTIS201700446807/05/2017 9:06PM
FAVORS, CAMERON A201700453707/08/2017 4:40AM
FIELDS, KYLE ALLAN201700446307/05/2017 4:10PM
FISHER, ROBERT ALLEN201700449307/06/2017 4:32PM
FISHER, TYRONE ARNOLD201700450907/07/2017 1:20AM
FORRESTER, REBECCA KHRISTEAN201700453407/08/2017 2:44AM
FULTON, MICHAEL CLAYTON201700448207/06/2017 12:40PM
GARCIA, ANTONIO MASCIO201700449207/06/2017 4:23PM
GIBSON RAMEY, LEANN IRENE201700448507/06/2017 1:15PM
HALL, ANDREW MICHAEL201700449507/06/2017 4:54PM
HIGBY, FREDERICK PAUL201700448007/06/2017 10:58AM
HUDSON, AUSTIN JAMES201700451807/07/2017 10:34AM
JORDAN, DOREEN ANN201700449907/06/2017 5:52PM
JOSLIN, WADE MERL201700453607/08/2017 3:57AM
KING, BRETT THOMAS201700447607/06/2017 9:04AM
KING, SCOTT ANTHONY201700446007/05/2017 3:32PM
KRAMER, JONATHAN MICHAEL201700450407/06/2017 9:42PM
LAPIC, MICHAEL ALBERT201700447807/06/2017 9:44AM
LAWING, ALYSON RENAE201700449107/06/2017 4:06PM
LEFEVER, DAYTON201700450807/07/2017 12:10AM
LESTER, PHILLIP WILLIAM201700451507/07/2017 9:42AM
MACLEOD, MARIA ANTONIETTA201700448107/06/2017 11:40AM
MARTIN, ANDREW JORDAN201700451307/07/2017 7:15AM
MILES, DAVID C201700449607/06/2017 5:08PM
MILES, TAYLOR CHRISTOPHER201700449707/06/2017 5:12PM
MOORE, LAYCEE ANN201700453507/08/2017 2:48AM
MORLEY, JACOB ALLEN201700447107/06/2017 12:09AM
NALLEY, HIEDI JEAN201700450707/06/2017 10:46PM
NOCE, DANIEL JOHN201700447307/06/2017 3:32AM
PALOMO, ROBY JOHN SALAS201700448907/06/2017 1:53PM
PANKRATZ, CHRISTOPHER M201700450107/06/2017 7:56PM
PARKER, HAYLEE COLLEEN ROSA201700448607/06/2017 1:32PM
PETERSON, JUSTIN LEE201700448807/06/2017 1:47PM
PETERSON, RYAN DENNIS201700448707/06/2017 1:45PM
PHILLIPS, JOHN REGINALD201700441507/07/2017 10:58AM
PHILLIPS, STEVEN A201700450007/06/2017 7:22PM
PIGORS, FRANK WILLIAM201700451207/07/2017 3:53AM
PRATT, JEFFREY PAUL201700452707/07/2017 6:02PM
PRESLER, BRYANA EMILA201700452507/07/2017 4:43PM
RABIDEAU, ANDRE J201700453807/08/2017 5:51AM
RAMSAY, WILLIAM MICHAEL201700453107/07/2017 10:49PM
RANKER, TIMOTHY SCOTT201700453007/07/2017 9:26PM
REESE, ROBERT PAUL201700451607/07/2017 10:31AM
RICE, CLAYTON WINFIELD201700447507/06/2017 8:13AM
ROHRICH, CONRAD201700450307/06/2017 9:46PM
SCHRADER, CHRISTIAN CARL201700446507/05/2017 8:44PM
SHALKOWSKI, MURIELLE ALEICE201700452407/07/2017 4:12PM
SHERMAN, VANESSA MARIE201700446107/05/2017 3:43PM
SMITH, MEGAN LA NAI201700450207/06/2017 8:16PM
STEWART, SHAINA MARIE201700450507/06/2017 10:09PM
TAVARES, GERALD ABRAHAM201700450607/06/2017 10:18PM
TCHORZ, ELIJAH SHANE201700453207/08/2017 12:27AM
THEISEN, JASON EARL201700452607/07/2017 5:32PM
THOMPSON, MATTHEW N201700445807/05/2017 1:13PM
THRONSON, JESSE CARL201700452307/07/2017 1:29PM
TOMLINSON, ALAN RICHARD201700447207/06/2017 1:37AM
TORPEY, JENNIFER IRENE201700446407/05/2017 4:47PM
VILLALOBOS, JOSEPH DAVID201700451907/07/2017 10:35AM
WARREN, ASHLEY NICOLE201700447707/06/2017 9:14AM
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH DANIE201700448307/06/2017 12:46PM
WOOD, DAVID MICHEAL201700451107/07/2017 2:59AM
YEAGER, ELIZABETH C201700451007/07/2017 2:30AM

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