Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kitsap County, Washington, Jail Roster, July 8, 2017, released in the last 24 hours

ALEXANDER, GRACE FLORENCE201700322707/08/2017 7:21AM
BARRON, YVETTE MARCHANT201700360407/07/2017 6:42PM
BIGLER, CHRISTOPHER M201700449407/07/2017 6:29PM
BOYD, ROGER SCOTT201700446607/07/2017 6:30PM
CARLSON, DARIN PAUL201700428807/07/2017 6:25PM
DANDURAND, BRADLEY A201700453307/08/2017 6:39AM
DENO, CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM201700434207/07/2017 10:17PM
EVANS, JEFFREY WADE201700452007/08/2017 9:01AM
FLOOD, DESMOND J201700405607/07/2017 6:26PM
GARCIA, ANTONIO MASCIO201700449207/07/2017 12:27PM
GRANGER, CODY RYAN201700433407/07/2017 10:18PM
HALL, ANDREW MICHAEL201700449507/08/2017 7:50AM
HASTINGS, MATTHEW OWEN201700428907/07/2017 12:00PM
HIGBY, FREDERICK PAUL201700448007/07/2017 12:26PM
LYLES, JOSHUA JAMES201700136607/08/2017 7:33AM
MACLEOD, MARIA ANTONIETTA201700448107/07/2017 1:29PM
MEEHAN, COREY A201700445207/08/2017 7:47AM
NOCE, DANIEL JOHN201700447307/07/2017 7:22PM
PALOMO, ROBY JOHN SALAS201700448907/07/2017 10:19PM
PHILLIPS, STEVEN A201700450007/07/2017 6:27PM
PRESLER, BRYANA EMILA201700452507/08/2017 4:47AM
REESE, ROBERT PAUL201700451607/07/2017 6:23PM
RICE, CLAYTON WINFIELD201700447507/08/2017 7:48AM
SCHRADER, CHRISTIAN CARL201700446507/08/2017 7:32AM
SHALKOWSKI, MURIELLE ALEICE201700452407/08/2017 8:37AM
TAVARES, GERALD ABRAHAM201700450607/08/2017 12:20AM
WASHBURN, BYRON201700441007/08/2017 7:46AM
WEST, BRAD EUGENE201700384307/08/2017 7:32AM
ZAPATKA, STEPHEN ANTHONY201700441607/07/2017 3:19PM

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