Saturday, July 29, 2017

Spartanburg County South Carolina Jail Roster, Last 72 Hours, July 29, 2017

Gregory Alvarez

Brandez Anderson

James Bell

Scott Bishop

Jeffery Blackwell

Jamie Bowie

Sadie Brown

Kado Bunche

Quincy Byrd

Catherine Caldwell

Wendy Campbell

Gregory Chandler

Warren Clarke

Jimmy Collins

John Davis

Casey Deloach

Thomas Dillard

Jesse Douglas

Cornelia Edwards

Christopher Escobar

Oshai Foster

Michael Frye

Herbert Gaddy

David Garrett

Rodrigo Gonzalesvidal

Queen Gray

Justin Gregory

Catherine Greissinger

Taylor Harrelson

Rebecca Haught

David Hooper

Victoria Hughes

Gavin James

Corey Jaso

Dareco Jenkins

Jazmine Jeter

Jonathan Johnson

Thomas Kirk

Robert Lash

Leah Mack

Cleveland Mallory

Matthew Mckeen

Jesse Mckelvey

Travis Miller

Chyann Moore

Jimmy Moore

Pamela Moore

Keith Morris

James Mullins

Oscar Murphy

Roger Murphy

James Owens

David Owensby

Lacey Page

Zachary Parker

Michael Penkert

Theron Petty

John Pierce

Samantha Radica

Jamie Rhodes

Daquari Rice

Daniel Riddle

Gustavo Rios-gomez

Kristen Robbins

Theodoro Rochester

Daniel Rodriguez

Sandra Rogers

Yvonne Rucker

Paula Sexton

Laquita Shell

Derick Sims

Kameron Smith

Terri Smith

Leia Steele

Ashley Stribling

Jasmine Sturkie

Marco Tovar

Gabriel Tucker

Brandon Tyler

Francisco Valdezsalas

Rodriguez Vidal

Joshua Walker

Gary Weaver

Jerry Willingham

Barbara Wooten

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