Tuesday, August 1, 2017

San Joaquin County, California, Jail Roster, Last 24 Hours, August 1, 2017

Inmate NameGenderDate Of BirthBooking NumberBooking TimeCustody Status
ACEVEDO, ALFREDOM04/04/198117-1347808/01/2017 04:12 PMIn Custody
ALLEN, TYLER MICHAEL    Released 08/01/2017
BILODEAU, SHERISE JORDANF10/13/199017-1344308/01/2017 03:17 AMIn Custody
BLACK, LANCE JOSHUA    Released 08/01/2017
BRISTOW, PAUL RYANM12/28/198317-1348208/01/2017 04:19 PMIn Custody
BROCK, KEVINM08/14/196217-1347608/01/2017 04:01 PMIn Custody
CAMPOS, PERCILLAF01/07/198917-1340807/31/2017 05:30 PMIn Custody
CANTO, NICOLE MICHELLE    Released 08/01/2017
CASTILLO, GABRIEL EMMANUELM07/25/199617-1346708/01/2017 01:55 PMIn Custody
CEJA, ERIC ALEXANDERM08/24/199417-1345008/01/2017 08:37 AMIn Custody
COLON, LANCE ELON    Released 08/01/2017
CORTEZ, SERGIO ALEJANDROM08/28/198917-1346808/01/2017 02:28 PMIn Custody
CURTIS, JERRY LLOYDM08/20/198217-1342807/31/2017 10:15 PMIn Custody
DIXON, ARETHA MARIEF09/02/196817-1346308/01/2017 01:26 PMIn Custody
DRUMGOOLE, DIMARRIAM06/01/198017-1346208/01/2017 01:15 PMIn Custody
DUNCAN, BRANDON LEEM08/11/197817-1340307/31/2017 05:19 PMIn Custody
FERNANDEZ, JOSEPH ROBERTM07/31/199217-1341607/31/2017 06:04 PMIn Custody
FERNANDEZ, RIGOBERTOM02/20/198417-1347408/01/2017 03:18 PMIn Custody
FUENTES, DANIELM01/31/198117-1348108/01/2017 04:39 PMIn Custody
GARCIA, JOSE ANTONIOM04/30/199317-1346908/01/2017 02:29 PMIn Custody
GISLAIN, FREDERICK ELISEM07/17/197817-1343508/01/2017 12:46 AMIn Custody
GOMEZ, RICHARDM05/18/195917-1345608/01/2017 09:44 AMIn Custody
GONZALES, TIFFANY SARAHF03/09/198317-1346508/01/2017 01:27 PMIn Custody
GONZALEZ, ALEJANDRO SALASM07/29/198717-1341407/31/2017 06:15 PMIn Custody
GREEN, KARL THOMASM12/19/198217-1340407/31/2017 05:36 PMIn Custody
GREEN, SEANM10/26/196917-1343207/31/2017 11:51 PMIn Custody
GUERRERO, JAMES ANTHONYM01/29/197417-1346408/01/2017 01:31 PMIn Custody
HARRISON, MARLAS OLEANDERM05/31/199417-1342407/31/2017 07:45 PMIn Custody
HARTER, ANTHONY EDWARDM09/01/198617-1343408/01/2017 12:22 AMIn Custody
HEM, SAVUTHM01/04/198817-1343308/01/2017 12:08 AMIn Custody
HERRERA, RAYMOND BRUCEM03/08/199217-1347208/01/2017 03:38 PMIn Custody
HERRINGTON, CRAIGM02/19/197017-1345908/01/2017 12:51 PMIn Custody
HICKERSON, DARREN CORNELLM09/04/196317-1344808/01/2017 04:13 AMIn Custody
HONABLE, CARLOSM07/21/199217-1347108/01/2017 02:49 PMIn Custody
HOYT, MARKM08/19/196817-1348308/01/2017 04:26 PMIn Custody
HUNT, CHARLES EDWARD JR    Released 08/01/2017
JIMENEZ, EDUARDO CHAVEZM06/01/195117-1347708/01/2017 04:13 PMIn Custody
JOACHIM, DAVID MICHAELM03/14/198217-1341307/31/2017 05:53 PMIn Custody
KING, GREGORY TYLORM01/28/199417-1347508/01/2017 03:23 PMIn Custody
KUNZE, JAMES MATTHEWM09/20/197617-1344508/01/2017 03:54 AMIn Custody
LEE, CHAYSE ANTHONYM11/25/199617-1345108/01/2017 08:41 AMIn Custody
LEMUZ, JOSE LUISM10/04/199017-1340907/31/2017 05:46 PMIn Custody
LOPEZ, ADAM BUDM08/23/198517-1342207/31/2017 07:13 PMIn Custody
MARTINEZ, PETE JOHN    Released 07/31/2017
MIRELES, MIGUEL JUNIORM08/15/199217-1345708/01/2017 10:01 AMIn Custody
MITCHELL, MICHAEL TERRELLM11/27/198117-1347908/01/2017 04:23 PMIn Custody
MORENO, RICARDOF05/02/199817-1341207/31/2017 05:50 PMIn Custody
MURRAY, BRYANT D.M05/27/196617-1346108/01/2017 02:08 PMIn Custody
NAVARRO, ELIZABETH DIANNE    Released 08/01/2017
ORTEGA, JUAN MANUEL JR    Released 08/01/2017
ORTIZ, ANTHONY HOWARD    Released 08/01/2017
ORTIZ, CLISERIOM09/06/199817-1340507/31/2017 05:28 PMIn Custody
PARAJEA, ESTEVANM04/18/198317-1346608/01/2017 01:44 PMIn Custody
PRYOR, LORINDAF10/01/197917-1340607/31/2017 05:37 PMIn Custody
RAMIREZ, BRUCE ANTONIOM06/11/198817-1347008/01/2017 03:50 PMIn Custody
RAMOS, ESTELA    Released 08/01/2017
RENAGA, DAVID FELIXM10/05/199217-1343908/01/2017 01:59 AMIn Custody
REYES, ARTUROM09/21/197217-1345808/01/2017 10:10 AMIn Custody
RICE, JASON WAYNEM11/20/197717-1341707/31/2017 06:31 PMIn Custody
RIOS, VICTOR    Released 08/01/2017
ROBERTS, TERRENCE LEE    Released 07/31/2017
RODRIGUEZ, EMAMUEL WILLIAMM03/06/199617-1342307/31/2017 07:54 PMIn Custody
RODRIGUEZ, SALVADOR MATEO    Released 07/31/2017
RUSSELL, TADMOR JOSIAH    Released 08/01/2017
SCOTT, RICHARD CARTER    Released 07/31/2017
SELLS, ALLENM10/16/197417-1340207/31/2017 05:08 PMIn Custody
SHEWMAKE, NICHOLAS SCOTTM05/29/198617-1348008/01/2017 04:09 PMIn Custody
SLOAN, CHARLES LARAYM02/28/196317-1347308/01/2017 02:59 PMIn Custody
SMITH, ANGELA LYNNF09/20/196917-1345508/01/2017 09:29 AMIn Custody
SORIA, JESUSM02/26/199617-1342007/31/2017 06:37 PMIn Custody
STEWART, DONALD EDWARD JRM09/23/197417-1348408/01/2017 04:33 PMIn Custody
STITH, TINA MARIE    Released 07/31/2017
TAFOYA, FEDERICOM10/11/196117-1343608/01/2017 12:35 AMIn Custody
TAORMINA, CHARLES PAULM07/18/194817-1341907/31/2017 06:44 PMIn Custody
TRUELOCK, CHANEL DAWNF07/18/198717-1341807/31/2017 06:38 PMIn Custody
TRULL, MARCUS MATHEW    Released 08/01/2017
VALDIVIA, ANDRESM01/12/199917-1341107/31/2017 05:47 PMIn Custody
VANG, NANCY    Released 08/01/2017
VILLANUEVA, MICHAEL STEVENM11/09/196917-1343808/01/2017 02:25 AMIn Custody
WALCOTT, JACK CHRISTOPHERM12/10/198717-1348508/01/2017 04:38 PMIn Custody
WENTZ, TRACY NICOLE    Released 08/01/2017
WILLIAMS, OCEANIAF08/18/199017-1340707/31/2017 05:34 PMIn Custody
YBARRA, WILLIAM DAVID JRM04/19/198417-1343107/31/2017 11:26 PMIn Custody
YOUNG, LAMONTM12/02/199217-1343708/01/2017 01:40 AMIn Custody

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