Thursday, October 25, 2018

San Joaquin County, California, Jail Roster, Last 24 Hours, October 25, 2018

AI, BORINM08/06/198218-2045610/25/2018 02:15 PMIn Custody
BOATMAN, DASHELL MAURICEM01/08/199318-2041610/24/2018 08:23 PMIn Custody
CALLORES, PEDROM04/20/197518-2041710/24/2018 08:42 PMIn Custody
CAMACHO, ABRAHAMReleased 10/25/2018
CAMPOS, JOSEM04/14/195818-2041810/24/2018 09:11 PMIn Custody
CARDOZA, SANTA MONIQUEReleased 10/25/2018
CARLOS, DAVIDM03/06/198718-2044210/25/2018 11:19 AMIn Custody
CARRASCO, DAVIDReleased 10/24/2018
CHAVEZ, JUANM02/17/198618-2039710/24/2018 03:37 PMIn Custody
CHENAULT, RODERICKM04/14/196218-2039910/24/2018 04:09 PMIn Custody
CISNEROS, ARMANDOM11/15/197718-2045210/25/2018 01:46 PMIn Custody
CRAWFORD, JENA SARAF11/14/199418-2041210/24/2018 07:11 PMIn Custody
DAVIS, JESSE RAYM09/24/199318-2042710/25/2018 06:10 AMIn Custody
DEARAUJO, ANTHONYM11/03/199518-2044110/25/2018 11:15 AMIn Custody
DUARTE, RICHARD WILLIAMM08/14/196118-2044610/25/2018 12:41 PMIn Custody
FISHER, LEON TROYM07/07/197018-2039810/24/2018 03:52 PMIn Custody
GHOLSTON, AUBREY FREDERICKM08/27/196518-2041310/24/2018 07:56 PMIn Custody
GIRLEY, NETTA MARIEReleased 10/24/2018
GREEN, ANTOINE MINIONReleased 10/24/2018
HERNANDEZ, JOHNM02/16/196418-2040110/24/2018 04:18 PMIn Custody
HILL, CHAD ALANReleased 10/24/2018
HOUSE, SHEMIKA FESHELF05/22/198018-2043610/25/2018 10:28 AMIn Custody
ISAAC, ISAAC JOSEPHM09/18/198118-2040810/24/2018 05:20 PMIn Custody
JACKSON, HARRY LEEReleased 10/25/2018
LAMB, CHARLEYM07/24/198518-2043910/25/2018 10:34 AMIn Custody
LEE, SHANE MICHAELM11/06/198918-2045110/25/2018 01:39 PMIn Custody
LINCOME, LANESSA EVETTAReleased 10/24/2018
MALDONADO, ARIANNA HERNANDEZF09/28/199718-2043310/25/2018 09:40 AMIn Custody
MARTIN, JOSEPHM12/01/198718-2045010/25/2018 01:04 PMIn Custody
MASON, RAYMOND JAMESM11/19/197918-2042410/25/2018 01:57 AMIn Custody
MCCONNELL, BRIAN LEEM05/05/197118-2042010/25/2018 12:25 AMIn Custody
MCGEHEE, MICHAEL EUGENEReleased 10/25/2018
MESA, SALVADOR ANTHONYM07/21/197918-2043410/25/2018 10:22 AMIn Custody
METTLER, ERIC BRUCEM04/06/198718-2044810/25/2018 12:54 PMIn Custody
MOORE, TAMMYF02/19/196618-2043210/25/2018 09:15 AMIn Custody
PADILLA, GRISELDA PENAF01/14/198118-2040310/24/2018 04:35 PMIn Custody
PETERSON, JOSHUA WILLIAMM05/25/198318-2044910/25/2018 12:59 PMIn Custody
PICKENS, ERNEST MELVINM03/19/199318-2039410/24/2018 03:19 PMIn Custody
PROVENCIO, ANGEL VALENTINOM03/13/199818-2040410/24/2018 04:39 PMIn Custody
PUGSLEY, DEBORAHReleased 10/25/2018
RAMIREZ, RICARDO ALEJANDROM09/27/198818-2041110/24/2018 06:29 PMIn Custody
RIVERA, JOSE IGLESIASReleased 10/24/2018
RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL ANTHONYM05/16/199018-2042610/25/2018 03:33 AMIn Custody
ROSAS, ANNF02/08/197618-2041910/24/2018 09:31 PMIn Custody
ROY, MONTRELLM10/31/198818-2044510/25/2018 12:37 PMIn Custody
SALAZAR, ALVARO BAYOM06/13/196318-2040910/24/2018 05:24 PMIn Custody
SARINANA, MOLLYF12/17/196618-2040210/24/2018 04:24 PMIn Custody
SIMS, LADARRYL EUNORDM12/02/199118-2044410/25/2018 11:51 AMIn Custody
SYKES, KAREEMM04/12/197218-2041010/24/2018 06:22 PMIn Custody
VACA, MOISESReleased 10/25/2018
VALDEZ, MICHAEL VINCENTM12/13/197718-2044710/25/2018 12:49 PMIn Custody
VALVERDE, VICTOR RAULM01/21/198518-2045310/25/2018 01:58 PMIn Custody
WHITE, BRANDIE SERRAEF01/06/199418-2045510/25/2018 02:06 PMIn Custody

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