Saturday, March 9, 2019

39 People, Last Name "Smith," In the Tarrant County, Texas, Jail On March 9, 2019

Search Results
Last Name
First Middle Name
In Custody?
0487538SMITHBILLY D IIBlackMale2/29/1980Yes
0838538SMITHBRAXTON DAVIDBlackMale2/2/1995Yes
0837130SMITHCASEY AARONWhiteMale12/3/1987Yes
0823458SMITHCHALSEYVERA LWhiteFemale4/4/1989Yes
0688191SMITHCHRISTOPHER TERRELLBlackMale7/28/1987Yes
0691630SMITHCOREY NEWMANWhiteMale4/17/1988Yes
0612312SMITHDAVID DUWAYNEBlackMale9/17/1984Yes
0908162SMITHDAVID MONTGOMERYWhiteMale6/21/1987Yes
0823422SMITHDAVID RILEYWhiteMale3/12/1991Yes
0643625SMITHDELL ANDREWBlackMale5/1/1984Yes
0788413SMITHDEMARCUS ANTWUANBlackMale12/28/1987Yes
0728353SMITHDWAYNE SEBASTIONBlackMale2/6/1991Yes
0320627SMITHEARL LOUISWhiteMale6/11/1957Yes
0731220SMITHELDRICK EBlackMale12/16/1967Yes
0122947SMITHGARY WILLISBlackMale10/6/1960Yes
0777810SMITHHUNTER AWhiteMale6/19/1991Yes
0705198SMITHJACOB REMMINGTONWhiteMale2/2/1990Yes
0639273SMITHJAMES BRADLEYWhiteMale4/12/1982Yes
0677968SMITHJAMES RWhiteMale7/8/1980Yes
0884415SMITHJEREMIAH WAYNEBlackMale6/22/1998Yes
0838445SMITHJOHN MATTHEWWhiteMale4/4/1990Yes
0245629SMITHJOHN PAULBlackMale1/3/1965Yes
0723920SMITHKIMON DIONTEBlackMale11/29/1989Yes
0214497SMITHKIRKLES LBlackMale4/5/1964Yes
0878465SMITHLETICIA NICHOLBlackFemale7/24/1981Yes
0931708SMITHMARCO DEMETRIUSBlackMale6/23/1980Yes
0745496SMITHMAURICE KELSOBlackMale1/1/1992Yes
0456810SMITHRONALD DECEMBERBlackMale1/23/1979Yes
0526240SMITHSEANRON SHANTELLBlackMale6/25/1980Yes
0584798SMITHERSSHANNON WAYNEWhiteMale1/3/1964Yes
0558723SMITHTROY LEE IIIBlackMale2/7/1967Yes

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