Saturday, August 3, 2019

San Joaquin County, California, Jail Roster, Last 24 Hours, August 3, 2019

AHO, CLAY CALVINM12/29/198819-1461108/02/2019 03:00 PMIn Custody
ALLEN, ROBERTM08/15/199219-1468208/03/2019 09:31 AMIn Custody
ALVAREZ, LUCILAReleased 08/03/2019
ANCONA, LISA MONICF05/22/198919-1464408/02/2019 11:05 PMIn Custody
ARROYO, KILEY ANNF08/17/199419-1460008/02/2019 01:26 PMIn Custody
BACA, DAMIEN MM01/15/199919-1467008/03/2019 03:07 AMIn Custody
BALDWIN, JAMES EDWARDReleased 08/03/2019
BARRICKMAN, TIFFANY ANNEF01/15/198319-1462508/02/2019 04:52 PMIn Custody
BENNETT, VINCENT GREGORYM06/20/199719-1464508/02/2019 11:11 PMIn Custody
BOON, DANZELM06/21/200019-1459808/02/2019 01:10 PMIn Custody
BOON, DARAReleased 08/02/2019
BOWMAN, LEE RILEYM05/17/199019-1460608/02/2019 02:05 PMIn Custody
BRUETT, SEAN MICHAELM06/14/198319-1466508/03/2019 02:19 AMIn Custody
BURGAN, MATTHEW12/20/198519-1470208/03/2019 10:39 AMIn Custody
BUZO, NICHOLAS LOUISM12/19/199119-1460108/02/2019 01:41 PMIn Custody
BUZO, TROY PETERM12/30/199319-1460208/02/2019 01:44 PMIn Custody
CALLINS, TERRANCE DOMINIQUEM04/18/198019-1462008/02/2019 04:17 PMIn Custody
CARRISOSA, RODERICK ELLISM04/14/198919-1467108/03/2019 03:30 AMIn Custody
CARVER, SEAN RYANM03/24/199019-1461408/02/2019 03:15 PMIn Custody
CHAMPION, TREVOR ADAMM03/21/198919-1462108/02/2019 04:21 PMIn Custody
CHEW, BILLYM12/06/196119-1461208/02/2019 03:08 PMIn Custody
CHRISTENSEN, SUSAN BReleased 08/03/2019
COLLINS, JESSE LANCASTERM07/09/196919-1465708/03/2019 01:21 AMIn Custody
CONTRERAS, JOSHUA ANGELOM09/18/198419-1465408/03/2019 12:48 AMIn Custody
CROSBY, LEVONTE CORYONM07/17/199019-1464708/02/2019 11:41 PMIn Custody
DAVIS, CHRISTINE MARIEReleased 08/03/2019
DEAN, RUDOLPH RUDYReleased 08/02/2019
DELATORRE, STEPHEN ANTHONYM07/27/199019-1464108/02/2019 09:29 PMIn Custody
DIFIORI, JACQUIELYN MARIEF06/29/198119-1462908/02/2019 06:13 PMIn Custody
DOMENICI, JAMES ALBERTM05/16/198519-1459008/02/2019 11:38 AMIn Custody
EDGE, JOHN DAVIDM11/24/197519-1463708/02/2019 08:47 PMIn Custody
ELICH, THOMASReleased 08/03/2019
ESPINOSA, SAMUEL ROSENALDOM05/28/199319-1465908/03/2019 01:35 AMIn Custody
FLORESGARCIA, HECTOR FABRICIOM08/09/199419-1467308/03/2019 03:46 AMIn Custody
FLOWERS, PHOENIXReleased 08/03/2019
FRITTS, JULIEF03/24/199519-1463308/02/2019 07:56 PMIn Custody
GALINDO, MARIO RAYMONDM05/16/198319-1464908/03/2019 12:07 AMIn Custody
GAMBOA, PHILLIP MARKM08/21/196819-1463008/02/2019 06:49 PMIn Custody
GARCIA, ALLAN ANDREWReleased 08/03/2019
GATHONI-MARSH, IRENEF03/30/196719-1468008/03/2019 08:15 AMIn Custody
GONZALEZ, ABRAHAM ALEJANDROM09/12/198919-1460908/02/2019 02:45 PMIn Custody
GONZALEZ, HECTORM12/24/197619-1463208/02/2019 07:19 PMIn Custody
GONZALEZ, MAURICIO RReleased 08/03/2019
GONZALEZ, TIMOTHYReleased 08/03/2019
GREENBACH, DOMINIC GABRIALM10/31/198319-1461508/02/2019 03:24 PMIn Custody
HAMBLETT, SUZANNEF09/15/196919-1467408/03/2019 04:31 AMIn Custody
HAMILTON, ALAN WAYNEM01/23/198919-1462408/02/2019 04:40 PMIn Custody
HENSON, RODNEY WAYNEM03/31/197119-1464208/02/2019 09:55 PMIn Custody
HILTON, WILLIAM ROBERTM10/28/196819-1460408/02/2019 01:59 PMIn Custody
HO, HUONGReleased 08/03/2019
JAMES, ARIS GRACEF12/16/198819-1468908/03/2019 10:00 AMIn Custody
JETER, MELISSA LAURENF04/25/197519-1462608/02/2019 05:33 PMIn Custody
JIMENEZ, ANTONIOM07/16/199119-1460308/02/2019 01:53 PMIn Custody
JOHNSON, JOHNM03/05/196819-1462708/02/2019 05:49 PMIn Custody
JOHNSON, KIERA CHANELF06/06/198819-1464008/02/2019 09:21 PMIn Custody
JUAREZ, JAVIER03/09/197019-1470408/03/2019 10:47 AMIn Custody
KAUR, NAVJOTReleased 08/03/2019
KERR, JAMES WILLIAMReleased 08/03/2019
KHALECK, SOMBOUNM12/15/198419-1466908/03/2019 02:47 AMIn Custody
KHEANDENG, THONGSYM09/12/197519-1459408/02/2019 12:12 PMIn Custody
KOHLER, DAVIDM10/21/196919-1467208/03/2019 03:39 AMIn Custody
LESTER, SCOTT MICHAEL12/25/197019-1470508/03/2019 10:51 AMIn Custody
LEWISBATION, DEVINM04/17/200019-1460708/02/2019 02:18 PMIn Custody
LOPEZ, MARINA ESTELLEReleased 08/03/2019
LOPEZ, MAYNORReleased 08/02/2019
MACVANE, SHELLIE KF12/21/198419-1463908/02/2019 09:09 PMIn Custody
MANIKAVASAGAM, KRITHIKA11/26/198319-1470108/03/2019 10:35 AMIn Custody
MATIAS, JOSEM07/21/200019-1469208/03/2019 10:08 AMIn Custody
MCBURNETT, DONNIE BEDFORDM11/26/196219-1461708/02/2019 03:43 PMIn Custody
MEADOWS, EDRICK DWAYNEReleased 08/03/2019
MEDINA, JAIME PATRICKM09/06/197719-1464608/02/2019 11:17 PMIn Custody
MELGOZA, JULIAN ADAMM05/04/198519-1468808/03/2019 09:54 AMIn Custody
MENDEZ, GABRIEL ANGELM02/13/198719-1463108/02/2019 07:11 PMIn Custody
MITCHELL, EARL LEEM03/24/198019-1469408/03/2019 10:15 AMIn Custody
MORROW, STEPHANIE BROOKEF11/07/197919-1465308/03/2019 12:40 AMIn Custody
MURILLO, RODRIGOM06/19/197819-1469508/03/2019 10:18 AMIn Custody
NICHOLS, LEONARDReleased 08/03/2019
NUNEZ, FAVIO01/13/200119-1469708/03/2019 10:21 AMIn Custody
OLIVEIRA, ANTHONY JOHNM08/07/198119-1459108/02/2019 11:48 AMIn Custody
PARSON, LESLIEM10/20/198719-1459508/02/2019 12:20 PMIn Custody
PERKINS, CASSEY NOELF12/02/198319-1462808/02/2019 06:09 PMIn Custody
PROVENCIO, SALVADOR RICHARDM07/09/198319-1466808/03/2019 02:42 AMIn Custody
REILLY, CHRISTOPHERReleased 08/03/2019
RILEY, VERNON THOMASM02/05/199019-1463608/02/2019 08:32 PMIn Custody
RIVAS, DANIELM10/25/199619-1467808/03/2019 07:25 AMIn Custody
ROSAS, RICARDOReleased 08/03/2019
ROUNDTREE, EDWARD SILASM01/20/196119-1459708/02/2019 12:42 PMIn Custody
SALGADO, ERNESTINAF11/11/198419-1465008/03/2019 12:15 AMIn Custody
SEGURA, GREGORIO PReleased 08/03/2019
SMITH, LEVARReleased 08/03/2019
STRAWTHER, DONALD GENEM01/17/198719-1467908/03/2019 07:38 AMIn Custody
SUAN, EDSELM12/02/197619-1466608/03/2019 02:26 AMIn Custody
TAYLOR, ELIZABETHReleased 08/03/2019
TENORIO, ERIKU12/10/199219-1458808/02/2019 11:15 AMIn Custody
TORRES, ALFONSO MOLINAM10/17/196819-1466108/03/2019 01:52 AMIn Custody
TURNER, RONALD NATHANIEL JOSEPM12/06/198119-1461908/02/2019 03:56 PMIn Custody
VAN HORNE, ALAIN KENTM04/23/196519-1469808/03/2019 10:24 AMIn Custody
VARELAS, CORINA FRANCESReleased 08/02/2019
VARGAS, MICHAEL JOSEPHM01/15/197719-1466708/03/2019 02:32 AMIn Custody
VASQUEZ, JOSE ANSELMOReleased 08/03/2019
VIERNES, EMILIANO A06/25/195619-1469908/03/2019 10:30 AMIn Custody
VILLALVAZO, ALBERTOM11/13/200019-1470008/03/2019 10:31 AMIn Custody
VONGPHACHANH, SIMONM01/12/198419-1467708/03/2019 06:18 AMIn Custody
WALCOTT, JACK CHRISTOPHERM12/10/198719-1460808/02/2019 02:32 PMIn Custody
WELLS, YOBENRICO PRINCEReleased 08/02/2019
WILCOXSON, KYLE RAYMONDM05/28/198919-1467508/03/2019 04:41 AMIn Custody
WILSON, TIMOTHY LAMONTM12/24/196419-1464808/02/2019 11:56 PMIn Custody
WIMER, NICHOLAUS JORDANM08/15/199119-1467608/03/2019 05:37 AMIn Custody
WORLEY, PATRICK10/07/198819-1470308/03/2019 10:42 AMIn Custody

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