My Articles (Not Just Jail Roster Lists, Etc)

I do write, yes, actual articles on this blog. And once I get the traffic up where I want it (my goal is 24,000 hits a day!) then I might write more articles. For now, here's a handy list of content on this blog which can be considered an actual article, not just a jail roster, warrant list, or list of tax-forfeited property.

Mexico bans surrogate motherhood services for gays and foreign couples, where to find the Mexican law on the books.

Copyright issues with the website "Cash Bond Dot Com"

Why do fake rosters exist online for imaginary "Lincoln Counties?" It's an internet mystery:

Guest article about "calculating and heartless weasels" who allegedly ripped off senior citizens in a Florida real estate scam.

Why Uber will keep having problems with drivers who commit crimes.

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